Pros and Cons of a Full Stack Developer

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Full-stack developers are people who are knowledgeable about both the back end and front end of development. They have capability to understand how every facet of the web development process takes place. They can also advise and guide stakeholders on overall strategy and best practices. Being a full stack developer has its own pros and consequences. Here, let’s discuss some pros and cons of a full stack developer.

Pros of Full Stack developer

  1. Easy Switching

A professional Full Stack developer is capable of switching between the front end and back end development based as per the requirements. Thus, it saves a lot of time and money as complexities and problems can be solved easily by the developers.

  1. Complete Solution to Problems

A professional full stack developer has enough all round knowledge about the problems that may arise and can to the root of a problem without just focusing on solutions.

  1. Cost Saving

Hiring a Full stack developer can save your money as it is a better option than hiring two people i.e. a front end developer and a separate back end developer will only increase costs. Full Stack developers have enough knowledge and are proficient in all the software’s that are required for the creation of a site.
pros and cons of full stack development

  1. Easy to Upgrade

Full Stack developer can get up to date with new technology and tools faster in comparison to person specializing only in the front end or back end technology. This is because they have enough knowledge of all aspects of the trade that upgrading is easier.

  1. Entire Design Structure

Not just into web development but a Full Stack developer can look and change entire design structure and work on any level as required. S/he has enough experience and knowledge of the coding and the design of the site s/he can have imagined.

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Cons of Full Stack Developer

  1. Smaller Knowledge Base

Full Stack development is just developed technology. It means that there are only a few people with enough knowledge and many have smaller knowledge base available. Thus, it limits the opportunities of integrating capabilities.

  1. Risk

When a single person has all the knowledge and responsibilities for a product then there may be some risk when they are in a leave. A company may have to face a significant delay while the particular person is not present. Some loss of knowledge may also result in a change in personnel.

  1. Can Cause Delays

In case your project involves any form of heavy computation and/or data processing on the server side, then Full Stack development can lead to delays. These projects can be blocked by computational intensive tasks which mean that the app won’t work on other requests. However, there are various solutions being developed for the same.

Thus, these were the pros and cons of a full stack developer. If you want to explore more topics, you can search our library or you can recommend us to write for you.

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