For both men and women, having a baby is the best experience of life. With having a most wonderful experience, there are also many health benefits when a woman is pregnant. You get very less sleep, eating healthy and staying fit can be very challenging but the feeling of being a mother covers up all those temporary challenges. There are many pros of being pregnant but with it, there are many challenges that come with the pregnancy. Today, we will see about pregnancy pros and cons information in detail. We hope you will figure out some important aspects here.

Listed below are the pregnancy pros and cons:Pregnancy Pros and Cons

Pros of Pregnancy:

  1. No more period cramps

Pregnancy is the best news for women who have bad cramps during the menstruation period. Sooner or later after the childbirth, there is very less pain or nonexistent period cycle. This is a well-known phenomenon for pain reduction, but no one knows for sure why it occurs. In case of severe pain after post-pregnancy, it is better to consult your doctor.

  1. Breast-Cancer Protection

Another advantage of pregnancy is, it lowers the risk of breast cancer in a woman because they breastfeed their child. More pregnancies mean fewer period cycles which limit the exposure to estrogen and progesterone as these hormones are responsible for stimulating cell growth and can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

  1. Better Sex

With being pregnant, a woman also has some miserable symptoms which include bloating, heartburn, weird skin rashes, and excess facial hair. With different changes happening, you might feel self-conscious about yourself and you may tend to send your partner far, far away which is quite normal. If you don’t want intercourse, you can create intimacy by asking your partner to brush your hair, massage your feet, or rub your back or shoulders. But still the sex hormones produced by your baby-to-be, and progesterone, which your body ramps up during pregnancy, can all boost your sex drive.

  1. Health Habit

Pregnancy brings all kinds of positive health changes in a woman making them drop all the bad ones for the sake of their child. Researchers also say that pregnancy is the most effective inspirations for quitting smoking. The mother tends to care more about the fetus than herself and adopt all the healthy habits that are beneficial to both of them.

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Cons of Pregnancy:

  1. Expensive

With being pregnant, the frequent visit to the doctor is necessary. The regular checkup for both mom and child must be done. Many tests need to be performed to ensure that the baby is safe and sound inside the womb. These all stuff can be little too expensive to normal families.

  1. Change in taste bud

There is an unusual change in taste buds when you are 2 months pregnant. You crave for sour and savory stuff rather than healthy meals. The cup of tea you take at three o’clock tastes sour, and when it comes to chocolate, you would never prefer sweet stuff.

  1. Having Nothing to Wear

With the increase in the belly size, you will have nothing to wear as the regular clothes won’t fit you. There are also many cases of dress malfunctioning with a pregnant woman

  1. Modern Medicine Abandons you

You are not allowed to have any extra medicines that are not included in the prescription. A Paracetamol is an option for every extra suffering you get during pregnancy.

These are some of the pregnancy pros and cons. If you have any further questions and queries, please do contact us or you can comment us below.