Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

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Looking great is part of everyone’s dream. Some are gifted with good looks while some just have huge sum of money to spend on to get the looks they have been wanting. Millions of people, both male and female, undergo cosmetic surgery also known as plastic surgery in every part of the world every year. The plastic surgeons are capable of changing the looks from every facial to every other parts of the human body. Some surgery is done for medical reason while many other are for self-satisfaction. As every coin has two faces, plastic surgery pros and cons too are not negligible.

Though plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two different things, they are often used interchangeably. The surgery is done in many ways like skin grafting, skin flap surgery, tissue expansion an many other. Despite the need and importance of plastic surgeries, there are also setbacks along with the reconstruction through surgery. Before going into any kind of plastic surgery, many factors are to be considered. The results might not be as expected or sometimes the surgery cannot be carried out because of the structure of the patient and other features. The views are further divided into pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery


The pros and cons of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery are listed below.


  • Confidence Boost

Sometimes surgery is very essential in some cases to boost the confidence of patient. The patient who have suffered from any kind of physical deformity due to any accident or other incident, needs to be dealt with surgery for their confidence boost. It helps them live rest of their life in peace and satisfaction.

  • Needed for People with Physical Impairment

Child born with deficiency, deformed body parts, or those without functional limbs etc. can take advantage from plastic surgery to live their daily life. Solving a step with the surgery can help open door for other steps in the way of betterment of life.

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  • Appearance

Some pay huge sum of money to make them feel better about how they feel about themselves. Their appearance matters a lot to them. Most of the celebrities have gone for cosmetic surgery just to uplift their self-image for their own betterment. 

  • Boost social skill

Most people who have been conscious about their physical flaws and deformities have usually been shy to open up socially. They might have been very talented socially through interface, but personally they might not be confident enough. The plastic surgery can help such personality overcome such flaws.


  • The Risk

The plastic surgery carries certain degree of risk and it depends upon what you want to get from the surgery. There are many risks from infection from incision to blood clots to nerve damage to other life-threatening risks.

  • The Scars

Depending the procedure used for the surgery, it generally leaves a scar. A lot of plastic surgery procedures can leave visible scars. It might not be a problem for many but who have done the surgery for cosmetic purpose, a scar can leave them with disappointment rather than satisfaction.

  • Cost

Cost is the biggest blockade in any type of surgery. Any such surgery requires a team of highly specialized surgeons who charge significantly huge sum of money. Some such surgery can cost up to $40,000. This can be a serious issue for people with born physical deformities who want to get them fixed.

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  • Can’t fix everything

We need to realize that surgeons are not God and surgery isn’t solution for everything. Our technology now isn’t that advanced to help in any surgery, it might get advanced in future, but now, we need to know that everything can’t be fixed with plastic surgery.

Conclusion on Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

Any cosmetic surgery to be done or not, is always a personal preference. Any one who thinks they need the surgery has right to undergo the surgery. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before making any decision of taking the surgery. Once you are aware of all the pros and cons of the surgery, you are free to take any surgery given that you have th time and money it takes for the surgery.

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