Oncology Pros and Cons

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The basic concept of Oncology can be taken as the study and treatment of cancer or tumors. Medical Doctors who study cancers and their treatment are known as oncologists. The oncologist is also the one who provides medical care and consultation regarding cancer treatment.

Among the oncology, there are various areas. Those areas mainly are being Medical, Surgical, and radiation.

Medical oncologist deals cancer or tumor with chemotherapy or medicines. Surgical oncologists are proficient in treating cancer through surgery. They remove tumors and tissue. While radiation oncologists use radiation therapy to treat cancer.

Even though oncology may seem great in treating very serious diseases like cancer but there are always some downsides in it. Cancer is not an illness that can be taken lightly. Besides, a single patient might need a team of specialists just for him or her.

Here are some points regarding the benefits and downside of oncology.

Pros of Oncology:

1. Treatment is more beneficial to the patient:

Among those cancer patients who receive treatment through oncologists have a greater likelihood of full recovery. Quicker recovery means that there are fewer drugs taken resulting in minimum damage to the body. Also, less time spends in the hospital means less money spent on treatment.

2. Better and effective drugs:

For oncology, there are more types of effective drugs available in the market. So, they are much needed by the patients and there is always an influx of newer drugs in the market. Those newer drugs are more effective and increase the recovery rate. This is very important for all patients around the world.

3. Choices for treatment of the various type of cancer:

Among various types of cancer, patients’ oncologists might suggest the best type of treatment for them. They can choose the method of treatment for themselves rather than going whatever decides for them.

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1. Possible side effects:

There are many side effects with the treatment with oncology. The treatment Chemotherapy, radiation, and others can result in a loss in hairs and weakness. And also it is mentally very tiring to go through such treatment every once in a while. It may also weaken some healthy tissue as well.

2. Very costly:

All treatment for cancer patients needs time and lots of resources. Those oncologists and drugs they use are not cheap either. As a result, a patient needs to pour their money for treatment. Additionally, they take risk of the recurrence of cancer. So the expenses become very high.

Many Oncologists are researching cancer cells and how to effectively cure them. Those people are the frontiers in oncology. And there has been some breakthrough in their researches. So, with rapid development in medicine and drugs along with medical technology, the success rate for treatment is increasing gradually.

As for many hospitals and medical centers around the world, oncologists are still trying to find new ways to deals with the disease. More the research is continued in the sectors more new possible paths for treatment can be found.

Oncology still provides the best method available for cancer treatment. Despite all those downsides, it is successful in treating many cancer patients around the world.

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