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Office 365 And Its Pros And Cons

We have been using Microsoft office for a long time has become part of our academic purpose, business purpose, or even for our personal purpose. Through the years Microsoft office has evolved as a more powerful tool to complete our jobs. And recently they have released a new office tool as Office 365. It is more said to be more beneficial than other versions and also provides more options and alternatives for frequent users. But more alternative does not necessarily mean there is no disadvantage at all. So here we have compiled some pros and cons of Office 365 so that it can help you to decide whether it is beneficial for you to switch to it or not.

Pros of Office 365

  1. Cloud-based working system:
    Unlike the previous systems where users have to stick to their workplace to continue using the office, it offers users an alternative to work from their homes. Which means you can get access for file and document from any device which supports Office 365 through the internet.
  2. More Security:
    It has paid extra attention to the security of its clients. Users do not have to worry about getting your password stolen or worry about their contents in their cloud. You can trust the system even for business purposes.
  3. Added features:
    With new versions comes with new features. Some of the new features include free templates and a grammar checker. So your reports can be perfect as possible.

Now, we have talked about the pros then let’s move to the cons of Office 365.

Cons of Office 365:

  1. Dependence on the internet:
    Since it is cloud-based so the internet can directly direct the flow of work. If a client is in a place where there are no proper internet facilities then the work productivity is greatly lessened. So it can be said that it client need internet access in order to work properly.
  2. Constant Renewals:
    It can have renewals that clients might find unnecessary. Also, the renewal may be irregular which means if you pay for renewal recently then all of sudden a client has to again renew. It is certainly not a good thing at all.
  3. Old computers might not be able to support:
    For Office 365 one may need to have a computer with good specs. If one tries to use them in older versions then they might feel a little lag while using. Also, just to use it one should not change their computer, should they?

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Our final Thoughts:

Well, these are our lists of pros and cons of Office 365. And if you feel that your current version works perfectly for you then there is absolutely no need to change. You can still do all your works perfectly. But if you feel that you need change and can afford some expenses then you can surely go for it. It will certainly boost your work progress and your style. One should always try to adapt to new things.

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