Norton Antivirus Pros and Cons

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Computer is the most essential part of todays world. No matter what field you belong to, you might have experience in any field but you will always have to come across a computer. Computer links you with all other places in the world through internet. The internet is filled with malicious software and viruses. Though the purpose of virus was to protect a software from being pirated or duplication, but today, people take advantage of such technology and attack on people’s personal information. Norton Antivirus is one such malicious software protection program that helps prevent any such malicious software intervention into the system.

Not only with the Norton Antivirus, but it is with all other antivirus in the market, there are good side and bad side to all of them. Some might excel and manage one issue well while other might have focus on other kind of protection. When we are linked to the internet, it is very essential to have any kind of protection against the viruses and there many types avail in the market. If you want 100% security, just cut off the internet. Though you can get the viruses from the CDs and flash drives, and eliminating those as well will leave your computer useless. So, having a antivirus software will help you eliminate any such problems.

Pros and Cons of Norton Antivirus

norton antivirus pros and cons

Like any other antivirus, Norton Antivirus too comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the Norton antivirus pros and cons are given below.


  • Smaller Scans Time
    Norton Antivirus has significantly smaller scan time. Other antivirus often requires very longer time to scan for the virus or any other malicious software and if the drive storage is huge, it will take much longer time. Norton antivirus on other hand is optimized to scan faster.
  • Cloud based security
    Norton antivirus addresses the issue of virus from cloud-based approach. The antivirus keeps a small portion of software definition just for the offline scans while keeping all the scan data and antivirus functionality on cloud.
  • Not just an antivirus
    Norton isn’t just an antivirus, but a malicious software protection program, a password manager, and has many other features. You can log in to different websites and save the passwords, you can also perform online transactions securely.
  • Modern UI
    Norton is always updated with modern style UI. The UI is very accessible and easy to learn and use as well. You can be very pleased with how quickly you can access the program features.


  • Fewer Subscription Offers
    If you have multiple options provided, you can choose one for yourself that best suites your need and budget, but Norton Antivirus is not provided with much of the subscription option. Though you can have better coverage at higher cost, but the lack of lower subscription option makes it difficult for the regular users to choose the antivirus.
  • Lack of tutorial
    It is often difficult for the first-time users to cycle through the options provided in the software. Proper tutorial for the usage of software is must for the software development. Norton Antivirus lacks proper tutorial that teaches the proper usage of the software.
  • Demanding on Resources
    Norton Antivirus is demanding on the resources, the antivirus software runs on the background and hence makes the resources occupied making other software slow. The overall performance of the computer too is affected making the computer sometimes inaccessible.
  • Software issues
    Having Norton Antivirus in your system sometimes makes it very difficult to install some common and simple software. The antivirus denies to install the software and you end up either aborting the installation or disabling the antivirus.

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With the risk involved in linking to internet without any sort of protection for your system makes the antivirus the first choice for many. Some modern systems have the antivirus software pre-installed while other require manual installation. Any way, it is very essential for your system and ensures the overall safety of your system. There are many pros and cons to the Norton antivirus, but analyzing the pros and cons and choosing the best software and service for your system is required.

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