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Microsoft Edge: Pros and Cons of the Browser.

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Microsoft Edge was first launched in 2015 as an upgrade to previous ill-famed Internet Explorer. Since its launch, there have been many claims as for which user believes that the Edge is better than IE or even if it is better it cannot outperform the market leaders like Safari or Google Chrome or even Firefox. In this article, we will try to simplify the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge. Hopefully, after reading this you can think for yourself on whether to use this browser or not.

How can you get Microsoft Edge?

You can get Edge by simply updating your system in Windows 10. It will automatically install in your windows after the update ends.

Is it better than Chrome?

Edge is not essentially better than already established Chrome but it does not necessarily mean that it is bad. It is just that there are some preferences for the well-used browser Chrome and the new one Edge. For new users, they might not notice any difference between them except for name and design.

Now, we got the knowledge about them. Let us move on to the main topic of the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge. So let’s get on with it.

Pros of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Edge is developed mainly to replace the IE for obvious reasons that surround it. So Microsoft Edge has addressed those notions and problems and created a more powerful browser.
  2. Edge has used comparatively fewer resources than Chrome. So your computer can reallocate those resources for other purposes.
  3. It consists of a new tool that allows saving your entire web page so that you can view them later.
  4. Microsoft Edge has also more secured than Chrome due to its more private setting.
  5. The browser is still in the development phase so, in the long run, it may develop even further and faster and Chrome or Firefox.

Cons of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Edge lack its extension offered compared to Chrome and Firefox which is the main drawback. Due to more popularity than Edge developer tends to target more to Chrome or Firefox.
  2. The performance of Edge is a tad bit slow in comparison to Chrome. But it is still amazingly fast to the more normal users.
  3. Microsoft tends to forcefully set the default browser to Edge which is not good at all for those who feel more comfortable in other browsers.
  4. Due to the extensive availability of Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Chrome gives more flawless sync in other devices which is not possible in Edge.

So this is it. The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge the way you might understand. You can find some points more amazing than others.

Our thoughts:

Well, we believe that this browser is powerful and secure enough for browsing your daily internet activities. Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge may vary title but let’s not forget that it is still in the developmental phase and powerful upgrades may be on the horizon. At present Safari may be used in Apple and Chrome and Firefox in Windows may be the norm but we can say that the browser is here to stay. And we do encourage you to give it at least a shot.

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