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Mechanical Keyboard:Top 5 Picks

Mechanical Keyboard has soared into popularity in the past few years and this trend have only grown larger and larger. Generally, we all have used keyboards before so why so much fuss about Mechanical keyboards? Besides, what is Mechanical Keyboard exactly? Here, we will discuss what the Top 5 Mechanical keyboard out there is.
So before that, we must clear few things first.

What exactly is a Mechanical keyboard?

The mechanical keyboard has a physical plastic switch inside each of the keys within the keyboard. And, they come in various shapes and sizes for your preference or the nature of your work. For those who have to type every day Mechanical keyboard gives us a nice feeling to our fingers.

Are Mechanical Keyboards expensive than regular keyboards?

Compared to their other counterparts they are a bit expensive. But they last longer than them and are definitely worth your money.

Can Mechanical Keyboards use for gaming?

Yes, you can. Actually, there are various brands and types of Mechanical Keyboards specially designed for gaming purposes.

What are the advantages/benefits of Mechanical Keyboards?

Well, they last a lot longer than other types of keyboards. And, most importantly users can type in this keyboard more easily than regular ones.

Now, we know what kind of these keyboards really are, we can discuss the top 5 Mechanical Keyboards out there in the market.

1. Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard is ambidextrous. With its amazing design and detachable Numpad, it surely will attract you with its functions.


  1. Detachable Numpad for which can be attached either side for preference of users
  2. It has a long battery life of 4000 mAh with 47 hours of use
  3. Also, It supports very fast charging through USB
  4. Consists of a ROG RX optical Mechanical switch
  5. Stunning design as a visual appearance

2. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming keyboard

This keyboard is especially for gaming purposes.


  1. Very compact design and dustproof switches
  2. It has 19 different lighting effects and other types of user-defined modes for uniform backlighting.
  3. Consists of 87 keys that are conflict-free.
  4. Redragon comes with high-speed gold plated corrosion free USB connector

3. Drop ENTR Mechanical Keyboard

This type of keyboard is best for typing purposes.


  1. It is a wired type of keyboard
  2. The build of the keyboard is extremely robust
  3. The number of keys is 87 which is very good for office use
  4. It comes with a detachable USB-C cable

4. Corsair K100 Mechanical Keyboard


  1. It has an aluminum frame and RGB lighting.
  2. K100 has amazing 4000Hz hyper polling as well as 4000Hz key scanning making inputs 4x faster with its CORSAIR AXON hyper processing technology.
  3. With its 6 dedicated macro keys, K100 is perfect for quick-paced gameplays

5. Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB Keyboard


  1. It ensures extremely smooth keypress due to Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switch
  2. The keyboard is ergonomically shaped which reduces the finger fatigue
  3. Realforce R2 keyboard has over 16 million color combinations as customization backlighting
  4. It features double-shot keycaps for improving key texture.

Here, are our choices for the top 5 Mechanical keyboards. Do you agree with our list? If not give us your comments.

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