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Light Therapy Pros and Cons

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Doctors especially recommend it to treat Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  However, it is used to treat other certain conditions as well. But overall all those conditions are treated along with the help of artificial lights called Light Therapy. It is also called phototherapy or bright light therapy. There are different types of it used in the process. Some names are red, blue, and green light therapy, laser treatment, and so on.

During the treatment of SAD, you sit around the light therapy box where there is the sad lamp, sunlight lamp, or any other kind of artificial light set up for your treatment. It affects the brain chemical which is linked to your mood and sleep. Besides, it also treats depressions, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

So, from the above part what is in your mind? Do you think it only has a positive reaction only or the bad impacts are more to suffer? Well, let us discuss its pros and cons here. They all are listed below:

Pros of Light Therapy:

  1. It is the best curing method for SAD, Jet lag, Sleep disorders, nighttime work schedule adjustments, dementia, and many more.
  2. It is also good to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis as well.
  3. The Red Light Therapy at home can be done with low costs and effort.
  4. The Red Light Therapy benefits acne, neck pain, detoxifies the body and even treats cancer as well.
  5. The result is faster than natural healing and you can see the quick change in your treatment.
  6. It is done for increasing the effectiveness of the anti-depressant medication or psychotherapy as well.
  7. The Blue Light Therapy can even treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around eyes, under-eye circles, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots.
  8. Green Light Therapy is also best for migraines as well.

Cons of Light Therapy:

  1. You cannot use it if you have a skin condition called systemic lupus erythematosus.
  2. It can damage your eyes if precautions are not well taken so you might damage your eyes if you expose light into your eyes without proper guidance.
  3. Also, it can trigger Bipolar Disorder as well. So, concern your doctor before use.
  4. It has the risks of Eyestrain, Headache, Agitation or Irritability, and Nausea as well.
  5.  Using it for a long time may trigger various side effects as well.
  6. The treatment of Red Lights Therapy in the saloon or any health sector may be costly.
  7. It is not a cure for chronic conditions but for early or intermediate cases only.
  8. Not all types of acne can be effectively cured by therapy. It is not for all as well. Since some might get the best results while some might get no result or less effective results and it depends.

Final thoughts:

There are many effective results found after the therapy before and after. The use of sad light therapy is found to be working for many patients worldwide suffering from SAD. But before taking any action it always bests to consult your doctor. You can even take alternatives as well if you are not having any good results from it.

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