keratin treatment pros and cons

Keratin Treatment Pros and Cons

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A good day is ruined if you have a frizzy day. It takes so much effort to eliminate frizz completely. For this reason, keratin treatment is done to eliminate frizziness from hair and to get silky, smooth and straight hair. Keratin treatment has pros and cons that needs discussion though.

Keratin treatments have become more popular since last few years because of its ability to smooth frizzy hair. But before doing the treatment, you must consider the pros and cons of the treatment. Some of the pros and cons of Keratin treatment are listed below.

keratin treatment pros and cons

Keratin Treatment Pros

  1. Suitable for all hair types

Some people might have curly, color-treated, wavy, or artificially straightened, hair. Keratin treatment is suitable for all such hair types. Thus, people can still undergo the treatment.

  1. Effective

People do not want frizzy, unmanageable hair. So, ignoring how kinky or frizzy your hair may be, you can get straighter, smoother and better-looking crown after the Keratin treatment. This last for 3 months before it gets back to normal situation.

  1. Safe

Unlike other straightening procedures or traditional hair relaxing process, keratin treatment does not cause any permanent damage to your hair.

  1. Easy Styling

After the Keratin treatment, the hair becomes soft and smooth and very easy to style. You will not have to heat your hair or apply so many products thus it doesn’t allow your hair to be prone to chemical damage.

  1. Low-Maintenance

Once a Keratin-treated is done, hair does not need so much after-care products and procedures to maintain it. But, still some free hair products should be used to make the look last longer.

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Keratin Treatment Cons

  1. Risk of Damage

The chemical used during the treatment is quite safe and effective but if the treatment is done with cheap product or if the stylist lacks mastery, and recklessly exposes your hair to too much heat and too much chemicals, the hair might get damaged hair.

  1. Artificial

Keratin that is applied to hair during treatment is artificially made which may cause irritation in the skin and eyes. However, there are no known major side effects to the treatment.

  1. Pricey

Keratin treatment is quite expensive during the treatment than the after-care may not be as much but you should use sulfate-free hair products, which is more expensive than regular hair products.

  1. Short-Term

The Keratin treatment you do last for max 3 months and you might need to undergo treatment soon to maintain your straight, smooth hair. Or else, your hair will start to look frizzy and curly again.

  1. Not for Pregnant Women

It is not advisable for pregnant women to have their hair treated because it may affect their health of the mother as well as the baby as it contains harmful chemicals.

Hence, these are few of the keratin treatment pros and cons. A silky smooth hair is what everyone wants. An external treatment for that purpose may or may not have good effect on the hair. So read the pros and cons of keratin treatment well before yo go for one.

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