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Google PlayStore: It’s Pros and Cons

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If you are an Android user then the introductory part can be skippable for you. However, if you are from another part of the world where Playstore is not available then you can carry on. Google PlayStore is the platform for smartphones where you can find millions of apps and games. They are either paid or free of cost. It was introduced by Google for their Operating System supported smartphones called Andriod OS. It is simply the store for your smartphone where you can buy games, music, movies, and apps. So, it won’t be very hard for you to understand that way.

However, the Google PlayStore seems to be the perfect way of accessing the required apps and games for your smartphone it lacks many features. Altogether, it is balanced by the positive sides as well. Without the Google Playstore, your life will be hard to get the apps and games you need for your smartphones. You cannot keep up to date with the apps and games as well. So, whats makes us write this article for you to get on with the Pros and cons. Well, let us discuss them in our lists.

Pros of Google PlayStore:

  1. It is the cheaper and affordable platform for not only customers or users but also the developers as well. As compared to the Apple Store, it is very cheap and convenient.
  2. There is a large variety of categories that makes your life easy to find the apps and games or any kinds of stuff you are searching for.
  3. The UI is simple and very comfortable for most users compared to other stores.
  4. As the criteria to be applicable for developers to post their work, it becomes a safe place for customers to trade with safety. So, it is a good part for the customers.
  5. It includes stores for Books, Movies, and Videos as well as apps and games.

Cons of Google PlatStore:

  1. The first prior most compliant of critiques is that it contains more similar, clone or trash contents. This might make a good scam out of users. So, it is the top-most major con of PlayStore.
  2. The search for content in the Google PlayStore is the big problem. You cannot find the exact keyword you are searching for. Instead, it will show you similar content or sometimes out of context as well.
  3. Another major problem with PlayStore is that it collects internet data even if you are not using it. If you have a limited data pack and you accidentally switched on your data you will get backgrounds updated and downloads. It will spend your all data which is quite frustrating. Also, it consumes more RAM of your smartphone which makes your smartphones slower.
  4. Google PlayStore also provides apps with the maximum amount of ads inside the downloaded content. It should be controlled as many find it annoying and has to pay extra bucks just to get rid of the ads.
  5. It does not allow apps from outside the source. So, that is the big reason which will make you decide to allow apps from other sources on your smartphones.
  6. You will require a proper Google Account to access the content on the Google PlayStore. It is compulsory and it cannot work without an account.


If you are finding it hard with the pros and there is much dissatisfaction from the Google PlayStore then you can switch your smartphones. As the Google Android Smartphones require the PlayStore to work properly and without it, you can service from third party sources but you can get updates and required stuff. If you are eager to use alternatives of Google Playstore there are many alternatives. The name of the alternatives is Amazon App Store, SlideMe, GetJar, Mobango, Appsfire, and many more.

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