Google Adsense Pros and Cons

Google AdSense Pros and Cons

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Your website is running well, generating good amount of traffic all day long. You will definitely want to convert that traffic into money generating source. For small websites and blogs, earning through the online advertising is the pretty good medium. Google AdSense is a pretty well-known name among those online advertising sites. Here you signup for the account, validate your website and wait till your website is validated. After validation, you will be given a code to implement into your website and start showing ads. As simple as that right. Well everything has got a catch to them. You might be thinking the work is easy, but there are certain google adsense pros and cons that needs to be addressed even before you apply for the account.

There plenty other alternatives to Google AdSense as well, but AdSense is supposed to be easy one by number of people. Google AdSense is the largest of several online advertising networks out there that provide you opportunity of generating revenue from your website. Google AdSense pays you every time someone clicks on ads on your webpage.

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Pros and Cons of Google AdSense

If you are thinking of monetizing your website through Google AdSense, then weigh the pros and cons as well. There are few minor and major pros and cons of google adsense.

Google AdSense Pros

  • It is a great way to monetize your website. You will get paid every time a user clicks on the ads on your page.
  • There is no setup cost for creating Google AdSense account on your site or blog.
  • Fairly simple and easy to implement. It is quick and easy process and requires absolutely no expertise in doing that.
  • Good content will definitely attract more traffic and will pay you good through ads.
  • You can run ads on multiple websites from single adsense account.
  • There are options to customize the look and feel of your ads. You can even customize whether to display image or text only, the color you want and many more.
  • Depending on number of factors, AdSense provides significant revenue share to its users. Advertisers will pay far more for a click on competitive keywords.
  • You don’t need to create ads, Google posts its own ads according to the niche.

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Google AdSense Cons

  • The biggest con is that your account can be shut down anytime. If your site was making you good income, your income can disappear overnight. The reason can be any thing from a mismatch of policy or click frauds.
  • Before you can get your site verified with AdSense, your website needs to have significant traffic.
  • Sometimes if you want to just focus on earning, you have to give up on your visitors. The reason behind this is that you might be earning from content other than your niche. Another reason is your visitor might just click on ads and leave your site.
  • Minimum payment threshold is $100. So, you might have to wait longer before you can make your first payout.
  • Ads on your site from AdSense might reduce the design appeal of the site. An unattractive site might set your visitors off from your site.
  • AdSense earnings are not constant, it might be paying you not much while other alternative can provide you much greater benefit.
  • To earn enough, your site needs to be somewhere on the first page of search engines.


On the concluding note, Google AdSense is no wonder great platform to monetize your site or blog. But you need to work a lot to reach too the minimum threshold in the beginning. There are few other alternatives to AdSense as well that might pay you even more than AdSense with less hassle. These are few Google AdSense Pros and Cons, comment down below for any query you have.

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