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As one of the most popular email services in the world, Gmail has amassed a bit of popularity among the masses. As developed by Google itself it is absolutely free. And, with its credibility, it is certainly used all around the world. With many other services provided by Google integrated into it. It certainly is worthy of its reputation around the world. But in this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of Gmail and compare it with other existing mailing services.

Before we move to the main part let us know how one can get access to it. Well, it is easy since one just has to create a Google account with a username and password. After verification, you are entitled to all Google services.

Now let us move to the main topic ”Pros and Cons of Gmail”.

Pros of the Gmail:

  1. Those who are familiar with Google Service, know that Google provides users each 15GB of storage. With this users can store their important mails or document with absolute ease.
  2. Gmail is not just about mails, it allows users to send attachments along with it with import parts like Subjects, Label, From, To, Date, and so on.
  3. It has a very high level of security. Gmail itself helps to organize the spam emails and emails from a verified sender.
  4. You can import contacts from other email providers such as Yahoo and as well.
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  6. It allows instant messaging as a chart function.
  7. With the integration of Google services, you can use a username for various other services of Google such as Google PlayStore, Google Maps, Drive, and so on.

Cons of the Gmail:

With so many facilities and users, one may think Gmail is perfect without flaws but it is not. Here are some flaws in it that one might experience:

  1. One of the main flaws is that some users have no freedom of choosing their own username. The main reason is a large number of users of Gmail. Most of the usernames are already taken. And, one might have to add the numeric system to their username to make them unique.
  2. Gmail uses a label system to manage the emails. So, there is no folder system to manage your mail which you might find it hard to manage emails.
  3. As it is a free service it allows a targeted ads services.

Our final thoughts:

Gmail is a very easy-to-use email service and with the loads of services that come with it. So it is absolutely fair to say that Gmail is for anyone even on day to day basis. If you want to use other email services then you can use other popular ones such as or and other paid services. With Pros and Cons of Gmail are stated above which might help to decide the users.