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Genetic testing is a type of medical test that is usually performed to detect genetic disorders, if any by identifying the changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. Genetic disorder or disease can be self-developed or may be inherited from the ancestors. With all the benefits of genetic testing it is better to consider the negatives of it too. Listed below are few pros and cons of Genetic Testing.

Pros of Genetic Testing

  • Genetic testing can be carried out at any given point of time in one’s life.
  • With genetic testing, you can be aware about the disease or disorder you are having. This early diagnosis of the disease will greatly help in faster treatment. Also, it will help you know more about the genetic disease and how will it affect other family members.
  • Early diagnosis of the disease can become a blessing for some people. There is satisfaction that they did not pass any gene abnormality to their children.
  • Genetic testing is also helpful when there is any custody for the child. This will act as the evidence for the parenthood of a person.
  • With proper treatment of the disorder beforehand, they can have children free of the disorder. Also, they can decide whether to have a child or not because there is a high r isk of their child developing the condition.
    Genetic testing pros and cons
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Cons of Genetic Testing

  • There is a high physical risk with many genetic testing even though the test only require blood or tissue samples. For a pregnant mother the genetic testing involves the acquisition of amniotic fluid around the fetus. This fluid is dangerous to the fetus and the mother may suffer from miscarriage.
  • There is no accurate result produces as the proteins from the tissue samples are more unstable that the gene itself. The deterioration of samples may give uneven results.
  • The price of the test depends on the test you are going to perform. The average cost of genetic testing in the US ranges from less than $100 to $2,000! Thus, the test may not be affordable to every family.
  • The result of genetic testing may create an emotional trauma in a family. It is very hard to accept that the person has a certain disease or disorder.
  • Furthermore, condition of Genetic discrimination may take place. A person may feel that s/her is discriminated due to the fact that he/she possesses a genetic abnormality that increases the chances of him/her developing a certain genetic disorder.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of genetic testing. It is good to find out that your next generation is safer in medical terms. But there are cons to it as well as if you find something, it will trouble you mentally. Study the proper genetic testing pros and cons before you decide to make any decision.