Drones Pros and Cons

Drones Pros and Cons

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also known as Drone, is the fastest growing industry. We all have seen the scenes from the Hollywood movies and the documentaries showing the Army personnel using the Drone to silently taking on the bad guys. The Drone is not only used in the battlefield but also commercially by individuals. The movie industry use it for the purpose of the videography. Drones have a wide range of advantages and use given the features they provide for the surveillance, spying and many more. Let us see some pros and cons of drones in this topic further.

Drones can very well be controlled by the drone pilots or by the computer system. We can say that they can be preprogrammed to carry out a certain task without the interference of the human being. Though the use of drones for the entertainment or surveillance purpose is very effective, yet there are lots of obligations by the law upon the use and purpose of use of such drones.

Historically the drones were built for the military purpose with spying and surveillance major purpose. Recently with the advent of many drone manufacturers and seeing possibilities of the use of drones in many other fields, has created many other categories of the drones being manufactured.

Drones Pros and Cons | Pros and Cons of Drones

Drones Pros and Cons

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Surely, a drone is a major advancement in the military sector, but using drones for everything and anything can be costly and benefits at the same time. With different categories of the drones, the price to varies as the number of purposes grows on. Some of the pros and cons of drones are as below.

Pros of Drones

  • The potential for development: The development of the drone technology can very much be beneficial and with the industry just in its growing phase, it can easily be a Billion Dollar business. With the development, we humans might find some more beneficial purpose of the drone and can start the development in that particular field.
  • Safety: Drone technology is safer as it requires no human presence physically. A remotely controlled drone can reach nooks and cracks of the places that are impossible for huthe man to visit. And in the case of accidents, you will have no human casualties.
  • Efficiency: It is more convenient and effective as it is runs by the battery and not fuel hungry engines, providing some relief to the nature. It can be used by the military for surveillance, by farmers to spray huge areas of the field with medicines, can be used for delivery of goods.
  • Cheaper maintenance: Drones are definitely cheaper to maintain as they don’t require fueling, or other maintenance. You just need to have is a drone and a smartphone to control the drone. You can gain the live feed from the drone.
  • Lethal upon enemies: Combat drones can be a major advantage over the enemy during war situation as you have no human casualties and can go full on upon the enemies.
  • Sizes available: The sizes of the drones really don’t affect its abilities. The drone though it be small of huge, you can expect the same level of deadliness from all of them.
  • Easier to deploy: Airplanes and other aerial vehicles take clearance from the air traffic control. The drones are easier to deploy as no clearance is required from any such sources.

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Cons of Drones

  • Limited Capabilities: No human pilot is an advantage but it can be the disadvantage in times. Drones don’t have capabilities like a human to think and decide which makes human superior over the machine.
  • Legal Limitations: Not all country have the same rules and regulations. It differs place to place and the rules for drones are too different from country to country. Drones are not legal in certain countries while other don’t have any limitations. So, it is better to check the rules of your country before buying one for you.
  • Privacy: Privacy is a concern when you have a flying thing, flying around you remotely feeding back the visuals about what you have been doing. It’s a serious privacy breach.
  • Hacking: Until your drones are working for you and are in your control in war, its great thing. If they are hacked and taken over by enemies, its going to be your worst nightmare.
  • Training: Some special drones require more special and hardcore drone pilots to operate them. It’s a double-edge sword, if it turns out right, it is beneficial, whereas if anything goes wrong, it is the loss of expensive drone and sometimes civilian casualties.
  • Expensive: Drones are expensive as per their usages and features they pack with them. Drones used in military might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The drones used for photography and videography are equipped with the most expensive piece of camera. They too are expensive and not affordable by everyone.

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Conclusion for Drones Pros and Cons

Thus, these were all about the drones pros and cons. Besides, whether it is for cinematography, or military purpose, it is a greater advantage that you can reach most nooks and corners that are not possible for a regular human to reach. This feature makes the use of the drone more effective. But the loss is great upon the damage to the drone. It is not one of the cheap pieces of equipment available. According to our verdict, if you are someone who is capable of mastering the procedure of flying and keeping the drones and surrounding safe at the same time, you definitely can opt for the drone. Else flying is illegal by all countries and breaching privacy isn’t legal as well.

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