DJI Ronin S Pros and Cons

DJI Ronin S Pros and Cons

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With growing popularity of gimbals, small, handheld cameras have exploded their popularity in pat couple of years. There are many companies bringing up all new kinds of gimbals in the market to compete over the place.

Priced at $699, Ronin-S is among the best built gimbals with a slight more rectangular shape to improve ergonomics. The handle is weighty and is wrapped in a grippy rubber surface with a slight indentation for your index finger.

DJI Ronin S is one of the biggest names in the camera stabilization game which is a very well know brand for its unstoppable innovation for professional filmmakers, YouTubers and filmmakers of all levels capture smooth video pans and tracking shots. It is also most often used for capturing time-lapse videos and panning videos.

DJI Ronin S Pros and Cons

Similar to any other gimbals, it may have some advantages and disadvantages to it. It is always better to know the pros and cons before buying them.

The DJI Ronin S Pros and Cons and as follows:

Pros of DJI Ronin S

  • The DJI Ronin S has standard tripod mount which means that means its 3-axis gimbal can accommodate with all system cameras up to a weight of 3.6kg.
  • For compatible cameras, it has built-in features which allow the user to pull focus and stop/start recording.
  • The Ronin-S has a built-in 2400 mAh battery within its grip which powers the Ronin for up to 12 hours if properly utilized.
  • A mobile app also lets you adjust performance and motion speed that can be quickly cycled through by tapping a button on the handle.
  • It is also good for film makers, Youtubers as there is a Tripod included in this gimbal which gives a smooth finish to the videos.
  • The DJI Ronin also has optional add-ons such as microphones, LED lights and external monitors too.
  • Like any other gimbals, the DJI Romin S has button on its grip to switch between three sets of custom settings.

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Cons of DJI Ronin S

  • The Ronis S is considered to be the heaviest gimbal. The DJI Ronin S weighs for 1.86 kg without the camera included. This weight is quite heavier compared to the popular Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2 at 1.25 kg and the MOZA AirCross at 896 g.
  • The features present on the gimbal which includes the mode buttons are not fully compatible with all the cameras in the market.
  • The battery on this device is replaceable, unlike the most other gimbals the battery isn’t user removable.

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