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Pros and Cons of iPhone XS (iPhone XS Honest Review)

With the advancement of technology, the devices get thinner, they get taller and wider, yet maintain and packing some most advanced features in them. Lately, the processor chip fabrication process has been focused on packing more and more components in much limited and dense spaces. The fabrication process from 14nm came down to 12nm, 10nm [&hellip

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Pros and Cons of iPhone XR

This time around, Apple just came with bunch of similar devices looking devices. All 3 iPhones released this year are built around similar design, all notched up. Making alteration to iPhone X, little bit here and there, Apple has successfully created 3 devices from it. It is the first device to get the Liquid Retina [&hellip

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Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S9

When it comes to smartphones, you are sure to get newer and some better while some disappointing updates every now and then. The catch here isn’t that who’s going to produce the costliest ones, but the thing is that to become no. 1 smartphone manufacturer like Samsung, you need to cover markets over various price [&hellip

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