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Pros and Cons of using Gimbals

With the development of other industries, the videography industry is getting bigger, newer and better too. There days Smartphone or digital camera is overruled by DSLR cameras.  And the tool which brings a huge difference to the videos is concerned is the Gimbal. Popular options include the DSLR and GoPro gimbals. Though, there are certain [&hellip

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DJI Ronin S Pros and Cons

With growing popularity of gimbals, small, handheld cameras have exploded their popularity in pat couple of years. There are many companies bringing up all new kinds of gimbals in the market to compete over the place. Priced at $699, Ronin-S is among the best built gimbals with a slight more rectangular shape to improve ergonomics. [&hellip

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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Pros and Cons

A 3-axis hand held gimbal built for smartphones, the new Zhiyun Smooth 4 is similar to any other gimbals. The main aim of this gimbal is that it helps you create stable and smooth footage while filming with your phone. The device is plastic built, and has a locking mechanism to keep the arm from [&hellip

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