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Pros and cons of Google Duo

Pros and Cons of Google Duo

Google Duo is an application developed by Google which allows users to make audio and video calls from one user to another. Google duo unlike Apple’s FaceTime can be used on both Android and iOS devices. There is also Google Duo for PC if you use your computer frequently. Google Duo is working like Facebook’s messenger. If both parties are in the Google Duo then through the internet they can contact each other anytime. But let’s know about the Pros and cons of Google Duo.

Google offers video calling at the highest quality possible. If you want to talk with the recipient directly on video then Google Duo is one of the best there is on the apps market.

Here are the things you can follow to use the Google Duo service:

1. Google Duo is absolutely free so you can download the Google duo app to any kind of smartphone
2. Follow the normal procedure as any other app and input your phone number
3. Then verify your number from the verification code
4. Then you can start the services.

Now we can go through the pros and cons of Google Duos.

Pros of Google Duo

1. Offers very high-quality video calls:

Google Duo is probably the best application out there for a video call. The general resolution of video in this app is 720p HD video. Also, the Google Duo will automatically adjust brightness in low lighting.
As for group calls it allows users up to 32 participants at a time.

2. Knock Knock services:

Google Duo has a feature of Knock Knock which allows the recipient to see the live video of the caller. You can disable the feature in the settings if you don’t like it.

3. Secured communication:

Google Duo is very safe for communication and you can keep your communications private as it uses encryption for your calls. So, even Google cannot get access to your conversation.

4. Can work on various devices:

Other than your smartphone Google Duo can work on your PC as there is Google Duo for Windows as well. If not there is Google Duo in the Web browser which you can access at

Now to the next one:

Cons of Google Duo:

1. Fewer features:

Compared to other similar application like Facebook messenger Google Duo offer fewer features. One reason may be because the app focuses on simplicity which is good in its own way. But still added features may be a bonus.

2. Data usage:

Since it can connect you to high-quality video calls so for those who use the mobile connection for the internet it might be a bit high. The duo is found to use as much as 8MB of data per minute. So it depends on how much can you spend on your data.

Final Verdict:

If you want a very refreshing new audio-video chat module then Google duo may be just what you need. It can definitely satisfy you with its features and services. But if you have been using other applications for a long time and feel comfortable in it then you might just stick with it. You can continue with what you are using because Duo is not worth leaving your comfort zone for the new one. But for gaining new experience it is worth a try. Besides the Pros and cons of Google Duo seems to stabilize with it more pros than its cons.

Top 5 RGB Keyboards

RGB Keyboards: Top 5 choices

There are various types of keyboards available in the market. And, you can find them from very cheap to very expensive ones. However, here we will discuss what an RGB keyboard is. And, also what are the top 5 RGB keyboards in the current market. So, we first move to the basic part.

What really is an RGB Keyboard?
Basically, an RGB keyboard is a normal type of keyboard except that it consists of an RGB backlight while pressing. Besides, you can simply say that it is a keyboard with a colorful lighting system that you can customize.

Is the RGB keyboard expensive?
Well, compared to regular keyboards or multicolor keyboards it is a bit pricier. So, the reason is being each switch has RGB LED beneath it.

What is the difference between RGB and Multicolor Keyboard?
The multicolor keyboard has each row of the same color whereas RGB keyboards have customizable LED lights beneath each key.

Now, we know about the basics of RGB Keyboard we can move on to the main topic.
Based on our testing, here are our choices for the top 5 RGB Keyboard

1. Best RGB Keyboards: Corsair K95 Platinum


  1. It has an aluminum frame and RGB lighting with 8MB dedicated storage for the profile.
  2. 100% CHERRY MX RGB mechanical switches are available on Corsair K95
  3. With its 6 dedicated macro keys, it can be assigned complex in-game macro for quick gameplays

2. SteelSeries Apex pro


  1. It is durable with its Aluminum Alloy body
  2. There is OLED smart display for settings or changes in the profile
  3. Options for dynamic RGB illumination with millions of color options
  4. Palm support is brilliant since it has a premium Magnetic Wrist Rest
  5. Faster response than regular mechanical keyboards

3. Budget RGB Keyboards: Razer BlackWidow


  1. It comes with 16.8 million colors which are individually lit.
  2. BlackWidow comes with a Hybrid board memory which allows you to save up to 4 profiles
  3. The keyboard consists mechanical switch giving a great feel to users
  4. The keyboard is wireless so, it does not restrict movement

4. Razer Ornata V2


  1. Ornata is powered by Razer Chroma RGB allowing users to choose from 16.8 million colors
  2. The backlight keys can be customized using Razer Synapse 3 software
  3. Consists of dedicated media keys, volume wheel, and macro programmable keys
  4. It is a non-mechanical keyboard so it gives a traditional feel while typing

5. Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED


  1. A wireless full-size keyboard with dedicated macro keys
  2. It has fully customized RGB backlighting and is very responsive.
  3. There is minimum latency.
  4. 22mm ultra-thin sleek design.
  5. Long battery life where it gives 30 hours at 100% brightness.

These are our top 5 choices for RGB keyboards. If you think we might have missed some other keyboard, comment below and give us your thoughts.

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard:Top 5 Picks

Mechanical Keyboard has soared into popularity in the past few years and this trend have only grown larger and larger. Generally, we all have used keyboards before so why so much fuss about Mechanical keyboards? Besides, what is Mechanical Keyboard exactly? Here, we will discuss what the Top 5 Mechanical keyboard out there is.
So before that, we must clear few things first.

What exactly is a Mechanical keyboard?

The mechanical keyboard has a physical plastic switch inside each of the keys within the keyboard. And, they come in various shapes and sizes for your preference or the nature of your work. For those who have to type every day Mechanical keyboard gives us a nice feeling to our fingers.

Are Mechanical Keyboards expensive than regular keyboards?

Compared to their other counterparts they are a bit expensive. But they last longer than them and are definitely worth your money.

Can Mechanical Keyboards use for gaming?

Yes, you can. Actually, there are various brands and types of Mechanical Keyboards specially designed for gaming purposes.

What are the advantages/benefits of Mechanical Keyboards?

Well, they last a lot longer than other types of keyboards. And, most importantly users can type in this keyboard more easily than regular ones.

Now, we know what kind of these keyboards really are, we can discuss the top 5 Mechanical Keyboards out there in the market.

1. Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard is ambidextrous. With its amazing design and detachable Numpad, it surely will attract you with its functions.


  1. Detachable Numpad for which can be attached either side for preference of users
  2. It has a long battery life of 4000 mAh with 47 hours of use
  3. Also, It supports very fast charging through USB
  4. Consists of a ROG RX optical Mechanical switch
  5. Stunning design as a visual appearance

2. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming keyboard

This keyboard is especially for gaming purposes.


  1. Very compact design and dustproof switches
  2. It has 19 different lighting effects and other types of user-defined modes for uniform backlighting.
  3. Consists of 87 keys that are conflict-free.
  4. Redragon comes with high-speed gold plated corrosion free USB connector

3. Drop ENTR Mechanical Keyboard

This type of keyboard is best for typing purposes.


  1. It is a wired type of keyboard
  2. The build of the keyboard is extremely robust
  3. The number of keys is 87 which is very good for office use
  4. It comes with a detachable USB-C cable

4. Corsair K100 Mechanical Keyboard


  1. It has an aluminum frame and RGB lighting.
  2. K100 has amazing 4000Hz hyper polling as well as 4000Hz key scanning making inputs 4x faster with its CORSAIR AXON hyper processing technology.
  3. With its 6 dedicated macro keys, K100 is perfect for quick-paced gameplays

5. Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB Keyboard


  1. It ensures extremely smooth keypress due to Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switch
  2. The keyboard is ergonomically shaped which reduces the finger fatigue
  3. Realforce R2 keyboard has over 16 million color combinations as customization backlighting
  4. It features double-shot keycaps for improving key texture.

Here, are our choices for the top 5 Mechanical keyboards. Do you agree with our list? If not give us your comments.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant: Pros and Cons

For all the android users Google and Google Assistant is a very familiar name. And those users at least once might have used them. If you are not familiar then you can simply take it as a voice control command developed by Google. Relatively speaking you give command through your voice by speaking through mobile and the service gets it done. Seems easy right? Well, there are some drawbacks to the service too. In this article, we will simply learn about the Pros and Cons of Google Assistant.
Before we reach there this is what you should know about it.

How to get Google Assistant?

Well, it simply comes preinstalled on your android device. Or you can get it simply from the play store.

How to activate Google Assistant?

To activate it users must simply speak “Hey Google” or “OK Google” to their android device. It listens and activates from your voice.

Is it free?

Yes, the services provided by the assistant are absolutely free of cost.

Now we got the basics to let us move to the main topic. Here are some of the main Pros and Cons of Google Assistant.

Pros of Google Assistant:

  1. Open application quicker: Through the service, you can open your application installed on your device simply by giving orders. Basically, you don’t have to go through all your applications just to search and open a single application
  2. Booking in advance: Using this application you can book movies or restaurants nearby you just by speaking
  3. Finding information quicker: It helps to find information about anything just by giving orders.
  4. Gives suggestion: Actually, if you are bored then you can ask it to recommend books, movies, jokes, and series of your choice. All you have to say is “Recommend me some movies” and that is it. Without going through all troubles in searching in the net.
  5. Used for Image search: You can search anything quicker through an Image search and it is fairly reliable.
  6. Help in simple queries: It allows user to simplify simple tasks as play music/Make calls or message, help to set alarms, simple settings and so on just by speaking.

Well, these are the advantage of benefits of Google Assistant. Similarly, here are the cons of the service.

Cons of Google Assistant:

  1. It uses the internet to complete its task. So if the device is not connected then the assistant is basically meaningless.
  2. If you are using it with your data then it is more likely that your data consumption will be high.
  3. Devices with low specs cannot fully utilize the service.

Our thoughts:

Google Assistant is developed for our convenience but still, it is very awkward to speak on your phone like barking orders. While it is good to use the service but you might not use it as often you might think. By analyzing the pros and cons of the Google Assistant you can first think and then decide for yourselves.

Google PlayStore

Google PlayStore: It’s Pros and Cons

If you are an Android user then the introductory part can be skippable for you. However, if you are from another part of the world where Playstore is not available then you can carry on. Google PlayStore is the platform for smartphones where you can find millions of apps and games. They are either paid or free of cost. It was introduced by Google for their Operating System supported smartphones called Andriod OS. It is simply the store for your smartphone where you can buy games, music, movies, and apps. So, it won’t be very hard for you to understand that way.

However, the Google PlayStore seems to be the perfect way of accessing the required apps and games for your smartphone it lacks many features. Altogether, it is balanced by the positive sides as well. Without the Google Playstore, your life will be hard to get the apps and games you need for your smartphones. You cannot keep up to date with the apps and games as well. So, whats makes us write this article for you to get on with the Pros and cons. Well, let us discuss them in our lists.

Pros of Google PlayStore:

  1. It is the cheaper and affordable platform for not only customers or users but also the developers as well. As compared to the Apple Store, it is very cheap and convenient.
  2. There is a large variety of categories that makes your life easy to find the apps and games or any kinds of stuff you are searching for.
  3. The UI is simple and very comfortable for most users compared to other stores.
  4. As the criteria to be applicable for developers to post their work, it becomes a safe place for customers to trade with safety. So, it is a good part for the customers.
  5. It includes stores for Books, Movies, and Videos as well as apps and games.

Cons of Google PlatStore:

  1. The first prior most compliant of critiques is that it contains more similar, clone or trash contents. This might make a good scam out of users. So, it is the top-most major con of PlayStore.
  2. The search for content in the Google PlayStore is the big problem. You cannot find the exact keyword you are searching for. Instead, it will show you similar content or sometimes out of context as well.
  3. Another major problem with PlayStore is that it collects internet data even if you are not using it. If you have a limited data pack and you accidentally switched on your data you will get backgrounds updated and downloads. It will spend your all data which is quite frustrating. Also, it consumes more RAM of your smartphone which makes your smartphones slower.
  4. Google PlayStore also provides apps with the maximum amount of ads inside the downloaded content. It should be controlled as many find it annoying and has to pay extra bucks just to get rid of the ads.
  5. It does not allow apps from outside the source. So, that is the big reason which will make you decide to allow apps from other sources on your smartphones.
  6. You will require a proper Google Account to access the content on the Google PlayStore. It is compulsory and it cannot work without an account.


If you are finding it hard with the pros and there is much dissatisfaction from the Google PlayStore then you can switch your smartphones. As the Google Android Smartphones require the PlayStore to work properly and without it, you can service from third party sources but you can get updates and required stuff. If you are eager to use alternatives of Google Playstore there are many alternatives. The name of the alternatives is Amazon App Store, SlideMe, GetJar, Mobango, Appsfire, and many more.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: Pros and Cons of the Browser.

Microsoft Edge was first launched in 2015 as an upgrade to previous ill-famed Internet Explorer. Since its launch, there have been many claims as for which user believes that the Edge is better than IE or even if it is better it cannot outperform the market leaders like Safari or Google Chrome or even Firefox. In this article, we will try to simplify the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge. Hopefully, after reading this you can think for yourself on whether to use this browser or not.

How can you get Microsoft Edge?

You can get Edge by simply updating your system in Windows 10. It will automatically install in your windows after the update ends.

Is it better than Chrome?

Edge is not essentially better than already established Chrome but it does not necessarily mean that it is bad. It is just that there are some preferences for the well-used browser Chrome and the new one Edge. For new users, they might not notice any difference between them except for name and design.

Now, we got the knowledge about them. Let us move on to the main topic of the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge. So let’s get on with it.

Pros of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Edge is developed mainly to replace the IE for obvious reasons that surround it. So Microsoft Edge has addressed those notions and problems and created a more powerful browser.
  2. Edge has used comparatively fewer resources than Chrome. So your computer can reallocate those resources for other purposes.
  3. It consists of a new tool that allows saving your entire web page so that you can view them later.
  4. Microsoft Edge has also more secured than Chrome due to its more private setting.
  5. The browser is still in the development phase so, in the long run, it may develop even further and faster and Chrome or Firefox.

Cons of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Edge lack its extension offered compared to Chrome and Firefox which is the main drawback. Due to more popularity than Edge developer tends to target more to Chrome or Firefox.
  2. The performance of Edge is a tad bit slow in comparison to Chrome. But it is still amazingly fast to the more normal users.
  3. Microsoft tends to forcefully set the default browser to Edge which is not good at all for those who feel more comfortable in other browsers.
  4. Due to the extensive availability of Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Chrome gives more flawless sync in other devices which is not possible in Edge.

So this is it. The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge the way you might understand. You can find some points more amazing than others.

Our thoughts:

Well, we believe that this browser is powerful and secure enough for browsing your daily internet activities. Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge may vary title but let’s not forget that it is still in the developmental phase and powerful upgrades may be on the horizon. At present Safari may be used in Apple and Chrome and Firefox in Windows may be the norm but we can say that the browser is here to stay. And we do encourage you to give it at least a shot.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pros And Cons

Windows 11: Pros and Cons

Microsoft has finally released its new weapon of an operating system called Windows 11. As a new OS, you may think it might not be good as Windows 10 or even not be compatible with the existing hardware. We are here to answer your queries about the new OS by listing the pros and cons of Windows 11 in this article.

Before we really start here is what you need to know:

What’s New?

Well, we all are familiar with Windows at some point in our lives. So there is really nothing to give an introduction. The new OS is basically an extension of what we have been previously all along. There are so many cool things that are added to the new OS and you can try them out. The main one being the ability to support the android applications and superb graphics added to the system. Also, there are many others that we going to discuss.

How to get Windows 11?

Simply speaking to get Windows 11 one just needs to have strong internet access as users can update their existing windows updates. Of course given that your hardware supports the system.

Now we got the basics to let’s move to the main topic. What are the big changes as pros and negative sides as cons of Windows 11? Let’s see.

Windows 11: Pros

  1. We all have been waiting for this feature. The new OS is capable of running android apps through the Amazon app store.
  2. It is faster and its performance is also improved than its previous times.
  3. There are new updates for gaming in the new OS. The improved graphics and speed give an extra edge to the system.
  4. The security system is enhanced than before.
  5. New animations, sounds, widgets with more fluidity and function for users.
  6. Better multitasking and new design for an iconic start menu.

Windows 11: Cons

Now, let us move to bad points for the new Windows 11:

  1. The most notable flaw about the new OS is that it is not supported in 32-bit architecture. That means if your device is old then it won’t work.
  2. Windows 11 Home Edition might be only available through online updates.
  3. It has very high hardware specifications and the chip TPM 2.0 which is very expensive.
  4. For laptops, this OS needs at least a forward-facing camera and it needs to be high-def.

Here are the pros and cons of Windows 11you guys to judge and know. Hopefully, this helps.

Our verdict

If you are satisfied with your current system then there is no harm in sticking to the current OS as you will feel more comfortable and compatible. But after reading the pros and cons of Windows 11 if you are thinking of changing your system, feel free. It is always new and refreshing to use a new version.

pros and cons of video games

5 Pros and Cons of Video Games

Video games have been the chief source of entertainment among kids for a long time. It has been the best way to accustom kids with the technology.  Nowadays, smartphone and mobile games have further eased the access to video games. However, the growing trend of video games has raised some concerns. People, especially parents, are concerned about the negative effects of video games. Research has shown that there are both advantages and disadvantages of video games among kids. We will be exploring 5 major pros and cons of video games in this article.

Pros of video games

Improves Brain functions

Playing video games is definitely a good brain exercise. It triggers the brain area linked with mental activities such as memory, information processing and decision-making. Studies have shown that playing video games enhances the ability to solve problems, make strategy and take logical decisions. Overall, playing video games has a positive effect on brain functions.

Improved visual function

People often blame poor eye-sight to playing video games. However, studies have shown that video game players have unexpectedly better vision. As per Psychology Today, the benefits of playing video games includes better visual contrast sensitivity. In other words, playing video games enables people to distinguish subtle differences in shades of gray in comparison to other people. Moreover, the players have increased ability to visually detect the direction of movement.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

One of the advantages of playing video games is increased confidence, gaining energy and feeling a sense of achievement. These factors are key ingredients to avoid any sort of anxiety and depression. According to  Kendall Ashley, video games can help people to develop social relationships and understand social cues. This will lead them to get past the social anxiety disorder.

Improves life skills

One of the benefits of playing video games can be noticed in improved life skills. Many skills used in video games are associated with daily life skills. Playing video games requires making strategy, taking risks, having patience, working in a team and other activities. People can actually enhance these vital life skills by playing video games. Moreover, video games improve the hand-eye coordination and enhance the attention spans.  It also helps people find new friends and social connections.


Research has shown that playing video games can help the brain to better deal with physical pain. It shifts the attention of the brain from a painful activity to entertainment. This is especially helpful for the children suffering from chronic diseases.

Cons of video games

Social replacement

Playing video games is mostly a virtual task. Even meeting friends within a game lacks any physical face-to-face interaction. Thus, one of the key negative effects of playing video games is social replacement. In other words, kids are more likely to spend their time within four walls and not getting out in the physical world. This will have severe damage in ability to socialize or make friends.


Video games are designed to be addictive. Playing video games releases a hormone named dopamine in our brain, which gives a sense of pleasure. Consequently, kids like to keep playing video games over and over, developing an addiction. This is common among the people with poor impulse control or the one who has a hard time to adjust in physical interaction. The addiction can lead to long term isolation and social replacement.


People who play violent video games are likely to develop a tendency to be violent. A study involving brain scans showed that playing violent games lowers the ability to self-control and increases the emotional arousal. There is debate on the negative effect of video games in the subconscious mind which leads to violent behavior of children.


Most of the video games are played with static body posture. The likelihood of gaining weight is proportional to the hours spent in playing video games. Moreover, people playing video games for long hours suffer from sleep deprivation which contributes to obesity.


Video games can lead people to some psychological stress. Excessive gaming habits can develop feelings of guilt and shame. Similarly, people who have addiction to video games develop low self-esteem, have social anxieties, or even suffer from depression. A study in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, discovered that fifth-graders who play video games two or more hours a day are more likely to have symptoms of depression than those who play less.


As a result, the intention of video games is to help a person have quality time. One can reap many benefits of video games, if handled carefully. Saying that, proper guidance to kids, can have long term benefits. A monitored environment will help kids to enjoy the advantages of the video games as well as minimize the disadvantages of the video games at the same time. Hence, parents need to play a creative role to motivate their children to participate in video games in an adequate amount.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an established trend now. You can keep your ads on Facebook and reach thousands of people instantly. The online contents such as images, videos, text and blogs are creating more impact than ever. However, the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing should be analyzed before diving in this field.

Hence, in this article, we are discussing pros and cons of digital marketing:

Pros of Digital Marketing

  1. Wide reach

One of the good aspects of digital marketing is its ability to reach a wide range of people. An advertisement on a digital platform can be displayed to the USA, Europe or any part of the world. You don’t need to travel those places to promote your business. Hence, the volume of potential customers is infinite for a business. This would not be possible with a traditional marketing system.

  1. Customer targeting

The benefit of digital marketing includes the ability to target the promotion to the intended customer. Each product is designed for the specific customers, lipstick for girls, men perfume for boys, school bags for students and so on. With digital marketing, you can choose whom you want to show your products and whom to avoid. Moreover, the ads can be customized as per the nature of potential customers. These little variations make significant improvement in your promotion.

  1. Cost-effective

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. You can start to promote your products starting from as low as $1 and reach up to 1,000 people with that budget. The common way of measuring the cost of digital marketing is through Cost per Click. CPC shows how much it costs for you so that one person clicks on your ads. For example, the average CPC is about $0.20 means that you need to spend $0.20 to find one person who is interested in your product and clicks the ads to find the details. If you spend $1, you have 10 potential customers. You can find details about pricing here.

The benefit of digital marketing includes saving time also. You don’t need to hassle about printing posters, dealing with newspapers and television. You can simply put your ads on a digital platform on your own. Moreover, use of automation such as chatbots reduces the cost of marketing.

  1. Measurable Metrics

The measurable metrics is probably the best feature of digital marketing. You can keep track of how your promotional activities are doing once you launch them. In television, you will never know how many people watched your ads. In Facebook, you can see how many people watched, liked and responded (comment) in your ads. You can easily receive the feedback whether or not the advertisement is helping you. These metrics help to devise new marketing plans based on data driven approach.

  1. High Conversion Rate

Conversion rate means the number of people who buy your products through your ads. High conversion rate is a sign of a good marketing campaign. Digital marketing has a higher conversion rate in comparison to traditional marketing because you can target specific market segments with personalized ads.

  1. Customer Interaction

Digital marketing enables two-way communication between business and customers. People can easily interact with business for particular ads or products. The easy flow of information boosts the customer relationship for long term benefits. Similarly, constant feedback from customers helps to improvise the product and service quality.

Cons of Digital Marketing

  1. Copying

The contents on the digital platform are open for everyone. There is always a risk that other business or competitors will copy your contents. You should be careful to design your digital marketing campaign to avoid such issues. Focusing on brand image is the best way to avoid this problem. Customers will always perceive branded products as better than that of the copied version.

  1. Competition

Digital marketing is cheap and effective. No wonder everyone is doing it. Hence, the competition to promote a product is high. Digital marketing has also increased the transparency. People can now access information on more products and their prices. Hence, business should compete on price and quality with other competitors.

  1. Needs Skilled Resources

Digital marketing is a tech-dependent transaction. You need particular skills to handle and understand the mechanism. The knowledge on content writing, SEO optimization and Social Media Marketing are basic requirements for digital marketing. You can hire an agency, such as xyz, to avoid this obstacle.

  1. Complaints and Feedback

Any complaints and feedback by the customer are visible to everyone. You should address those complaints as soon as possible. Otherwise, the negative message is likely to travel a long distance. The negative promotion will leave a dent on your brand for a long time.

  1. Security and Privacy Issues

One of the disadvantages of digital marketing is the issue related to security and privacy protection. Unethical hacking of the business pages can compromise the information of the business itself as well as that of customers.  Similarly, copyright issues are equally troubling while developing a content. In some countries, there are heavy penalties for such issues.

Verdict on digital marketing

Digital marketing is a new future of marketing. The pros of digital marketing like wide reach, cost effective, measurable metrics and customer targeting is far better than cons of digital marketing such as copying and security issues. However, it will be handy to learn the basics of digital marketing beforehand. The knowledge on paid social advertising, email marketing, content marketing and data analysis are good ways to begin a digital marketing.

Overall, digital marketing is the next strategy that every business should undertake.