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Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Electric Scooter Pros and Cons | Is It Worth Buying Electric Scooter?

With the increasing awareness among people about the pollution related issues, world is shifting towards the alternative source of energy. The fossil fuels are on the verge of extinction, but the world might get into bigger problems with the increasing level of pollutions worldwide. A simple yet effective method might be adopting the electric versions of the vehicle, electric scooter for an instance. Let us discuss the pros and cons of electric scooter in this topic.

Electric scooters are here to stay as the fueled vehicles took over the transportation world in past. Though the vehicle is just arriving in the market, it had been here through trains, and other cars for quite a few times now. Two-wheeler has advantage over thee four-wheeled vehicles and to have the most used vehicle also saving the world from pollution is a plus point. Electric scooters are powered by a huge battery and powerful electric motor. The look and feel of the scooter are no different than any other conventional scooter but you get an advantage of not having to fill the tank with fuel in this world that has fuel prices hiking every now and then.

Electric Scooters Pros and Cons are:-

Electric Scooters Pros and Cons are

Pic: The Verge

Though the electric scooter is an advantage to the world, everything has got the second side. For the betterment, there has to be some compromises made. Some of the pros and cons of such electric scooters are as below.

Electric Scooters Pros

  • Ease of Use: All you really need to do charge the scooter and go until you have your charge left, which definitely lasts all day for your short daily commute. Its for everyone and you need not have any special training, you just can ride it the way you have been riding your regular scooters.
  • Economically sound: With the prices of the fuels growing every now and then, switching to the more economically sound electrical version of the vehicle is a smart move.
  • Quiet: The electric scooters are not that loud and irritating ones, its quiet as knife slicing through the butter, quiet and smooth.
  • Low Maintenance: Similar to the bicycles, electric scooters are very easy to maintain. Through everyday schedule, you just have to charge and use the scooter. Good quality of scooter can easily last for years. It does require maintenance that is just a battery change after the lifetime of battery finishes.
  • Faster Commute: The electric scooters are packed with power and torque. It gains speed faster and has continuous supply of power to the electric motor. So, it is generally faster in the crowded regions where conventional vehicles get stuck changing gears.

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Electric Scooters Cons

  • Limited range: Because of the battery being used as the source of power, the range of the electric scooters are limited. Most of the electric scooters provide ranges from 15-40 miles per charge of usage. So, taking it on to a road trip in wilderness won’t be the wisest of the decisions.
  • Charging: Charging your vehicle is long and tedious process unless you have access to some of the quick charging stations like Tesla has been providing. Well we have advantage of charging the scooter at home, it generally takes 8-10 hours for full charge which is longer than refilling tank with petrol.
  • Silence: Silence in the vehicle can be dangerous sometimes. We can hear vehicle coming from distance and prepare ourselves. But with silent electric vehicle, you don’t have enough time to react if it is coming at greater speed.
  • Limited load carrying capacity: With electric motor acting as an engine, it can only be operated till the capacity of the electric motor doesn’t exceeds the limits.
  • Theft: With such great features, it is easier to get stolen. It has higher demand in the market and are portable enough. These reasons make it top contender for theft.

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Conclusion for Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Hence, these are the pros and cons of electric scooter. The electric version of the scooter is portable, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to the fuelled vehicles like cars and public transportation. They are fun to ride, just twist the key, start up and get going. Ride all day along and charge it up at night with very little electric costs. But that’s not it, you have disadvantages to that as well, you don’t have enough charging stations like Ether and Tesla provide for their vehicles all around the world which makes charging at home slow and tedious.

There are advantage and disadvantages to everything that you have. Some of the advantages are far bigger than the disadvantages, like in the electric vehicle. In the end, it all comes to the personal preference. A good quality of the electric vehicle is a better option to have than spending your hard-earned money and time in getting into the line for the costlier fuel. So, make sure you have checked all the electric scooter pros and cons before you buy one for yourself.

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pros and cons of TVS Jupiter

Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter (The Honest Review of TVS Jupiter)

TVS brand is not a new brand in terms of two-wheeler production. Honda’s Activa has been the most poplar unisex scooter back then when TVS decided to bring Jupiter to the competition against the Activa. Soon, Jupiter got over the market and in very short span, it settled itself as the second largest seller of scooters options in India. The most amazing thing about the Jupiter scooter is that it doesn’t serve a particular age group or gender, but it is for everyone out there who wants to ride the scooter. It is a perfect vehicle for the daily commute. Let’s learn the pros and cons of TVS Jupiter.

In 2014, the NDTV Car & Bike Awards named the TVS Jupiter as the scooter of the year, it also won awards from BBC Top Gear India and Bike India which named it the scooter of the year making it the most awarded scooter in India. It is powered by a single cylinder four stroke 110cc engine and delivers 5.88kW at 7500 rpm.

TVS Jupiter Quick Specs

Displacement 109.7cc
Max power 7.99 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max torque 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Cylinders 1
Fuel Delivery Carburettor
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission CVT-i
Cooling System Air cooled
Clutch Automatic
Front brake Drum, 130mm
Rear brake Drum, 130mm
Fuel capacity 5 liters
Mileage 62kmpl
Price INR. 57,323

Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

It might have been the most awarded scooter, there are pros and cons to everything out there, the customers seem to love some feature, while they are not satisfied with some features. There are few such pros and cons to the TVS Jupiter as well. When it was released, the Indian market seemed to have shaken with the feature it had to offer and the price it came for.

TVS Jupiter Pros

  • Only scooter to have low fuel indicator
  • Only scooter to have pass light switch
  • Extra-large space for leg in front
  • External fuel filling option

    TVS Jupiter Milage - Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

    Pic: TVS

  • Econometer with analogue and digital meterquality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very reliable
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Best in class suspension

TVS Jupiter Cons

  • Engine behaves a bit rash after 50 kmph
  • Minor tapping sound of tappets/piston once the engine gets hot.
  • Cold start is a problem, sometimes it takes 2-3 to go to start the engine up.
  • Rider experience vibrations at high speed sometimes.
  • Still stuck in front drum brakes when most of the similar ranged scooters come with disc brake for safety.

The Conclusion on Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

This is some of the pros and cons of TVS Jupiter. TVS Jupiter is the most awarded scooter in India. According to the road conditions in the Asian countries like India and Nepal, Jupiter is the perfect choice for the daily commute. The cons might be present, but it is not the severe one. Every vehicle has that con every once and again. Even the well-maintained vehicle will give you some terrifying feedback when revved past limits. The features TVS provides in Jupiter are best in class. Best-in-class space, best-in-class seat, best-in-class comfort, and best-in-class accessibility. The external fuel filling option eliminates the passenger getting off the scooter every time while filling oil. It is the best recommendation that can be made to your loved ones out there looking for a perfect vehicle for the daily commute.

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TVS Jupiter Official Video by TVS

Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

Pros and Cons of TVS NTorq (New TVS NTorq 125CC Scooter)

TVS NTorq feels like TVS motorcycle brand Apache has been packed into the frame of a scooter. TVS has been a well-known and preferred brand when it comes to the decency in the scooter and the performance into the bike segment. But TVS NTorq is a particular scooter that will provide you the decency of a scooter while packing on the power and performance of Apache Bikes. Though pros and cons of TVS NTorq exists.

The scooter includes features that even some bikes miss to provide and it is one of the best in class scooters that can be purchased at the price NTorq has been selling. The NTorq packs on features such as engine oil temperature indicator, top-speed recorder, navigation assist, trip meter and service reminder. Apart from these features, the scooter connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and scooter displays the phone battery level in scooter and phone displays the last parked location. Several features in NTorq are very unique and powerful.

TVS NTorq Quick Specs

Displacement 124.79cc
Max power 9.40bhp @7500rpm
Max torque 10.50Nm @5500rpm
Cylinders 1
Valves per cylinder 3
Fuel Delivery Carburettor
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission CVT-i
Cooling System Air cooled
Clutch Automatic
Front brake Disc, 220mm
Rear brake Drum, 130mm
Fuel capacity 5 litres
Mileage 47kmpl
Price INR. 59,687

Pros and Cons of TVS NTorq

Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

Though the scooter is packed with awesome features, there is no any machine with just pros to its side and no cons. Everything has got a bad side and TVS NTorq too, being such an amazing machine has some pros as well as cons.

Pros of TVS NTorq

  • Instrument cluster

It has got best in class instrument cluster which is fully digital and Bluetooth enabled SmartConnect that is feature rich. Apart from the regular job of speed reading and fuel indication, you can get top speed recorder, call and message details, lap-timer, etc.

  • Brakes

The front disc brakes are decedent from the Apache series though is lighter and smaller in size. The rear brake is drum and does awesome job of complementing the front disc brakes.

  • Looks and design

Youth generation is the one targeted for the build of this terrific machine. It has sharp body panels and eye-catching colour schemes. The 12-inch alloy wheels are best in the scooter category. The T-shaped rear LED tail light completes the looks of the scooter.

  • Handling

The handlebars are awesomely chosen and perfectly placed. The handlebars along with the sticky tires, hold the scooter in place and the feedback from the scooter too is really good and not like other oddly placed scooters.

  • Cool features

Added feature like Bluetooth connectivity, engine oil temperature indicator, service reminder etc. makes it stand apart from most of the scooters out there in similar line-up.

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Cons of TVS NTorq

  • Performance

Though the scooter performs fairly well in the mid-range, problem starts in the lower-range. It is a performance problem in traffic, the scooter loses breathe beyond the mid-range which results in very poor top-end.

  • Weight

At 116 kgs, it is the heaviest scooter in this segment. While the weight helps in the stability in straight line, the maneuverability is quite poor in the traffic. The added weight too decreases the mileage and speed of the vehicle.

  • Under-seat storage

Though the NTorq comes with 22 litres storage space, the design is so made that even a single full-sized helmet cannot fit into it. So as per the usage of the under-seat storage, it can be said that it is on par with other scooters out there.

  • Missing LED Headlights

LEDs are great at providing maximum brightness at lower voltages as well and with the DC electric systems coming in bikes at present, an option of LED headlights would have been great. The instrument cluster and engine kill switch adds to the aesthetics of the scooter, it even has LED tail light, but unfortunately misses out in LED headlight. Even disappointing is that the halogen light doesn’t even serve much to the brightness.


Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

These are pretty much for the pros and cons of TVS NTorq. As per the complaints from the customers and reviewers, there has been few problems of cold start when the vehicle refuses to start in the morning with self and had to kickstart. Other comments from consumers are that the pillion footrest isn’t the most comfortable of all. The vibration issue has been in the TVS family from start.

Despite these cons, the NTorq is great scooter given the cost and features that are superior to others. It’s one of the popular scooters out there, it looks so youthful and full of fun. It’s a great scooter to have for daily commute.