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pros and cons of TVS Jupiter

Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter (The Honest Review of TVS Jupiter)

TVS brand is not a new brand in terms of two-wheeler production. Honda’s Activa has been the most poplar unisex scooter back then when TVS decided to bring Jupiter to the competition against the Activa. Soon, Jupiter got over the market and in very short span, it settled itself as the second largest seller of scooters options in India. The most amazing thing about the Jupiter scooter is that it doesn’t serve a particular age group or gender, but it is for everyone out there who wants to ride the scooter. It is a perfect vehicle for the daily commute. Let’s learn the pros and cons of TVS Jupiter.

In 2014, the NDTV Car & Bike Awards named the TVS Jupiter as the scooter of the year, it also won awards from BBC Top Gear India and Bike India which named it the scooter of the year making it the most awarded scooter in India. It is powered by a single cylinder four stroke 110cc engine and delivers 5.88kW at 7500 rpm.

TVS Jupiter Quick Specs

Displacement 109.7cc
Max power 7.99 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max torque 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Cylinders 1
Fuel Delivery Carburettor
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission CVT-i
Cooling System Air cooled
Clutch Automatic
Front brake Drum, 130mm
Rear brake Drum, 130mm
Fuel capacity 5 liters
Mileage 62kmpl
Price INR. 57,323

Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

It might have been the most awarded scooter, there are pros and cons to everything out there, the customers seem to love some feature, while they are not satisfied with some features. There are few such pros and cons to the TVS Jupiter as well. When it was released, the Indian market seemed to have shaken with the feature it had to offer and the price it came for.

TVS Jupiter Pros

  • Only scooter to have low fuel indicator
  • Only scooter to have pass light switch
  • Extra-large space for leg in front
  • External fuel filling option

    TVS Jupiter Milage - Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

    Pic: TVS

  • Econometer with analogue and digital meterquality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very reliable
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Best in class suspension

TVS Jupiter Cons

  • Engine behaves a bit rash after 50 kmph
  • Minor tapping sound of tappets/piston once the engine gets hot.
  • Cold start is a problem, sometimes it takes 2-3 to go to start the engine up.
  • Rider experience vibrations at high speed sometimes.
  • Still stuck in front drum brakes when most of the similar ranged scooters come with disc brake for safety.

The Conclusion on Pros and Cons of TVS Jupiter

This is some of the pros and cons of TVS Jupiter. TVS Jupiter is the most awarded scooter in India. According to the road conditions in the Asian countries like India and Nepal, Jupiter is the perfect choice for the daily commute. The cons might be present, but it is not the severe one. Every vehicle has that con every once and again. Even the well-maintained vehicle will give you some terrifying feedback when revved past limits. The features TVS provides in Jupiter are best in class. Best-in-class space, best-in-class seat, best-in-class comfort, and best-in-class accessibility. The external fuel filling option eliminates the passenger getting off the scooter every time while filling oil. It is the best recommendation that can be made to your loved ones out there looking for a perfect vehicle for the daily commute.

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TVS Jupiter Official Video by TVS

Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

Pros and Cons of TVS NTorq (New TVS NTorq 125CC Scooter)

TVS NTorq feels like TVS motorcycle brand Apache has been packed into the frame of a scooter. TVS has been a well-known and preferred brand when it comes to the decency in the scooter and the performance into the bike segment. But TVS NTorq is a particular scooter that will provide you the decency of a scooter while packing on the power and performance of Apache Bikes. Though pros and cons of TVS NTorq exists.

The scooter includes features that even some bikes miss to provide and it is one of the best in class scooters that can be purchased at the price NTorq has been selling. The NTorq packs on features such as engine oil temperature indicator, top-speed recorder, navigation assist, trip meter and service reminder. Apart from these features, the scooter connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and scooter displays the phone battery level in scooter and phone displays the last parked location. Several features in NTorq are very unique and powerful.

TVS NTorq Quick Specs

Displacement 124.79cc
Max power 9.40bhp @7500rpm
Max torque 10.50Nm @5500rpm
Cylinders 1
Valves per cylinder 3
Fuel Delivery Carburettor
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission CVT-i
Cooling System Air cooled
Clutch Automatic
Front brake Disc, 220mm
Rear brake Drum, 130mm
Fuel capacity 5 litres
Mileage 47kmpl
Price INR. 59,687

Pros and Cons of TVS NTorq

Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

Though the scooter is packed with awesome features, there is no any machine with just pros to its side and no cons. Everything has got a bad side and TVS NTorq too, being such an amazing machine has some pros as well as cons.

Pros of TVS NTorq

  • Instrument cluster

It has got best in class instrument cluster which is fully digital and Bluetooth enabled SmartConnect that is feature rich. Apart from the regular job of speed reading and fuel indication, you can get top speed recorder, call and message details, lap-timer, etc.

  • Brakes

The front disc brakes are decedent from the Apache series though is lighter and smaller in size. The rear brake is drum and does awesome job of complementing the front disc brakes.

  • Looks and design

Youth generation is the one targeted for the build of this terrific machine. It has sharp body panels and eye-catching colour schemes. The 12-inch alloy wheels are best in the scooter category. The T-shaped rear LED tail light completes the looks of the scooter.

  • Handling

The handlebars are awesomely chosen and perfectly placed. The handlebars along with the sticky tires, hold the scooter in place and the feedback from the scooter too is really good and not like other oddly placed scooters.

  • Cool features

Added feature like Bluetooth connectivity, engine oil temperature indicator, service reminder etc. makes it stand apart from most of the scooters out there in similar line-up.

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Cons of TVS NTorq

  • Performance

Though the scooter performs fairly well in the mid-range, problem starts in the lower-range. It is a performance problem in traffic, the scooter loses breathe beyond the mid-range which results in very poor top-end.

  • Weight

At 116 kgs, it is the heaviest scooter in this segment. While the weight helps in the stability in straight line, the maneuverability is quite poor in the traffic. The added weight too decreases the mileage and speed of the vehicle.

  • Under-seat storage

Though the NTorq comes with 22 litres storage space, the design is so made that even a single full-sized helmet cannot fit into it. So as per the usage of the under-seat storage, it can be said that it is on par with other scooters out there.

  • Missing LED Headlights

LEDs are great at providing maximum brightness at lower voltages as well and with the DC electric systems coming in bikes at present, an option of LED headlights would have been great. The instrument cluster and engine kill switch adds to the aesthetics of the scooter, it even has LED tail light, but unfortunately misses out in LED headlight. Even disappointing is that the halogen light doesn’t even serve much to the brightness.


Pros and Cons of TVS Ntorq

These are pretty much for the pros and cons of TVS NTorq. As per the complaints from the customers and reviewers, there has been few problems of cold start when the vehicle refuses to start in the morning with self and had to kickstart. Other comments from consumers are that the pillion footrest isn’t the most comfortable of all. The vibration issue has been in the TVS family from start.

Despite these cons, the NTorq is great scooter given the cost and features that are superior to others. It’s one of the popular scooters out there, it looks so youthful and full of fun. It’s a great scooter to have for daily commute.

Pros and Cons of Anti-Lock Braking System

Pros and Cons of Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-Lock Braking System also popularly known as ABS is the revolutionary braking system in car, bikes and many other vehicles. Though ABS seems very beneficial, it has both the pros and cons. We are about to discuss and point out those pros and cons of anti-lock braking system.

Pros and Cons of Anti-Lock Braking System are as follows:

Pros and Cons of Anti-Lock Braking System

Pic: Technobyte

Pros of ABS | Anti Lock Braking System Advantages

  1. Anti-Slippery especially on Ice:

An Anti-Braking Braking System, in slippery condition, prevents lock-ups, skidding and surefooted braking over the icy roads. Anti-lock brakes have been well known for saving lives of many people and also in many situations helping the drivers keep control of a vehicle and to steer out of potentially dangerous scenarios.

  1. Less insurance costs:

As it is a tested safety device with lower risk of accidents, the cars that have ABS technology can keep your insurance payments down as insurance providers most often give special discounts.

  1. Intensified resale value:

ABS with the feature of ABS technology, ABS has bear better resale values. ABS technology adds to the value of your vehicle. Since it is a very standard-issue on every cars and trucks available, not having ABS now means that your vehicle will sell for a lower price.

  1. Traction control:

An Anti-lock braking system shares some of the infrastructure of a traction control system, where new technology makes it easier for manufacturers to install traction control in the factory.

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Cons of ABS

Even though anti-lock brakes are known for its safety feature in most situations, and insurers consider them to significantly lower risk for a vehicle, all the drivers has found some of the down sides using this ABS system:

  1. Inconsistent stop times:

It is true that Anti-lock brakes are made to provide for safer braking in slippery conditions but drivers have reported that the inconsistent stopping distances for regular conditions are lengthened by their ABS, either because of errors in the system, or of the clunking or noise of the ABS.

  1. Extra Expenses:

Despite the fact that it is known for its excellent features, ABS can be expensive in terms of its maintenance. A slight error in its expensive sensors on each wheel can cost thousands of dollars to fix if they get out of calibration or develop other problems. This is main reason why many buyers get themselves a new car instead of repairing it.

  1. Delicate systems:

The major concern in ABS is that the electronic systems are quite delicate. By messing around with the brakes, it may cause disorientation of the ABS, with possibilities of system damages.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of anti-lock braking system. It has its own importance in vehicles. With the increasing focus on the safety features, many country is making ABS compulsory in vehicles.