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pros and cons of synthetic oil

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil these days has grown in popularity as an alternative for the conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil is the oil that is extracted from alcohol or natural gas with no any adverse contaminant. Using the synthetic oil in the motor car reduces the dependency of an individual on imported petroleum crude oil saving the environment by reducing the reliance on natural resources.We will discuss the pros and cons of synthetic oil in this particular post.

The synthetic oil moreover can adjust to various temperatures as it does not solidify in cold weather or melt under high temperatures. Below listed are few pros and cons of synthetic oil for better understandings.

pros and cons of synthetic oil

Pros of Synthetic Oil

  1. Temperature Resistant:

In comparison to standard motor oil, synthetic oil is much better at resisting damage and also performs well under both high and low temperature. The oil is very less likely to thin out or causing damage to the engine when the oil heats up on a very hot day or when the engine operates for long period of time. And also, it is also very likely to freeze in a cold temperature or when the car has been sitting for a decent period of time. Ignoring the temperature resistance, the vehicle operates smoothly throughout in any kind of weather.

  1. Buildup Resistance

Synthetic oil is considered to be better at resisting the buildup of sludge or any other semisolid substances that may build up through driving. The oil is continuously processed through the parts of the vehicle and when driving it tends to pick up small pieces of debris and other items causing the loss of  its viscosity and to change in texture.

  1. Lubrication Capabilities

Since the synthetic oil is pure than the other motor oils. It can be a better option to use as lubricant in the engine parts. There is less engine meltdowns and often it work for longer period of time than the usage of motor oils.

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Cons of Synthetic Oil

  1. High Price

Synthetic oil is extracted from alcohol or natural gas. Because of this, it is couple of times more expensive than the petroleum based ones. The price is one of the disadvantages of this oil.

However, this oil takes better care of the engine by increasing its lifespan, and improves fuel economy.

  1. High Risk for Old Cars

For those vehicles that are from 1990’s, using synthetic oil may prove to be harmful. This oil cleans out sludge which melt the deposits which is sealing of those old automobiles. It may result in the leakage of the oil, damaging the engine.

Ignoring the price, the synthetic oil is quite beneficial comparing its pros and cons. And, even for the price, considering the long-term benefits of the synthetic oil, the cost seems reasonable.

Electric Cars Pros and Cons

Electric Cars Pros and Cons (All Electric Cars Pros and Cons)

Electric cars have been the huge technological advancement for a few years now. Some drivers are still hesitating to switch to the electric version of the vehicle, but it sure is going to happen sooner or later. Traditional gasoline-powered cars are going to be things from the past and the electric counterpart is going to help in the minimization of the pollution.Electric cars have pros and cons that needs discussion and attention as well.

The electric car too has some of the side effects to it, people need to realize that it is future and advancement that is made today is sure to improve as the usage increases. When people start using the vehicle, the feedback from the public will help the Electric Vehicle manufacturers to make a certain alteration that will suit people in huge number. As the fueled vehicles are easy to use in today’s circumstances with the ability to fuel up and use vehicles over huge distances, electric vehicles too have to get powerful enough to be used over a larger distance.

The electric vehicles are gaining and are sure to gain popularity over years now. The process to replace the gasoline-powered vehicle might be tedious and long but it has to be done sooner or later.

Electric Cars Pros and Cons


You can have a debate over the pros and cons of electric cars, but some of the pros are too obvious to have and cons are there to stay for quite a few times before there is a significant improvement in the technology. Some of the pros are listed below.

Pros of Electric Cars

  • Healthier for the environment: The electric car is the healthier version of the car for the environment. With no emissions to pollute the environment, we can promise a healthier future to our next generation.
  • Less Wear and Tear: With fewer mechanical parts than a conventional machine, the wear and tear of the car are obviously going to be less. So, it requires fewer maintenance.
  • Ideal for Urban Areas: While gasoline powered car performs best on the highway with fewer shifting ups and downs, electric vehicle is perfect for the city condition. The pickup is easier to get and the car just zaps through the traffic.
  • Quieter: Noise pollution too is very dangerous to human health. The gasoline powered vehicle has louder engine while the motors of the electric car are silent enough to doubt if the engine is running at all. At 65 miles an hour, the average interior noise of gasoline-powered car is around 70dB while the electric vehicle is quiet as whisper.
  • They are fast: Speed records have been achieved recently by the electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S P100D hit 60mph in 2.28 secs, one of the fastest recorded. Traditional cars’ power-to-weight ratio is not comparable enough with the superior power-to-weight ratio of electric car.
  • Electricity is Cheaper than Gasoline: Gasoline is getting costlier day by day. Electricity is the cheaper alternative which is quite cheap and easier to extract and store. It means you can have cheaper fuel to run your vehicle.
  • Recharging at home: It isn’t possible to have a fuel station at everyone’s home. You can have your electric car charged at home as easy as charging your cellphone after whole day of usage.

Cons of Electric Cars

  • Limited Range: The biggest disadvantage of Electric Car is its inability to travel over greater distance. Most of the electric car offers 80-100 miles max on full charge. It might be enough for daily commute, but not enough for travelling through longer distances.
  • Charging Electric Car: Electric car needs charging station installed at home. It might be cheaper to the rich customers with huge garage and space for the charging station but its just not possible for everyone.
  • Long Charging duration: Normal charging just takes longer to charge the car. It adds roughly few miles for over an hour charge. Only if the car is charged at quick charging stations available publicly, you can add even up to 50 miles in quick 25 minutes or so.
  • Fewer options: There are just fewer option to choose from. There are only few manufacturers who produce the electric car. We don’t really have huge range of selection while gasoline-powered vehicle has a huge range of choices.

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Are Electric Cars worth buying?

Hence these are some of the pros and cons of electric cars. Even though the technology is still young, it is worth giving a try. You will not regret riding the vehicle that is going to be a common means of commute in future. The vehicle might be expensive at the moment but its prices are going to get cheaper than the traditional vehicles as the sense of competition is establishes among the manufacturers.

Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Electric Scooter Pros and Cons | Is It Worth Buying Electric Scooter?

With the increasing awareness among people about the pollution related issues, world is shifting towards the alternative source of energy. The fossil fuels are on the verge of extinction, but the world might get into bigger problems with the increasing level of pollutions worldwide. A simple yet effective method might be adopting the electric versions of the vehicle, electric scooter for an instance. Let us discuss the pros and cons of electric scooter in this topic.

Electric scooters are here to stay as the fueled vehicles took over the transportation world in past. Though the vehicle is just arriving in the market, it had been here through trains, and other cars for quite a few times now. Two-wheeler has advantage over thee four-wheeled vehicles and to have the most used vehicle also saving the world from pollution is a plus point. Electric scooters are powered by a huge battery and powerful electric motor. The look and feel of the scooter are no different than any other conventional scooter but you get an advantage of not having to fill the tank with fuel in this world that has fuel prices hiking every now and then.

Electric Scooters Pros and Cons are:-

Electric Scooters Pros and Cons are

Pic: The Verge

Though the electric scooter is an advantage to the world, everything has got the second side. For the betterment, there has to be some compromises made. Some of the pros and cons of such electric scooters are as below.

Electric Scooters Pros

  • Ease of Use: All you really need to do charge the scooter and go until you have your charge left, which definitely lasts all day for your short daily commute. Its for everyone and you need not have any special training, you just can ride it the way you have been riding your regular scooters.
  • Economically sound: With the prices of the fuels growing every now and then, switching to the more economically sound electrical version of the vehicle is a smart move.
  • Quiet: The electric scooters are not that loud and irritating ones, its quiet as knife slicing through the butter, quiet and smooth.
  • Low Maintenance: Similar to the bicycles, electric scooters are very easy to maintain. Through everyday schedule, you just have to charge and use the scooter. Good quality of scooter can easily last for years. It does require maintenance that is just a battery change after the lifetime of battery finishes.
  • Faster Commute: The electric scooters are packed with power and torque. It gains speed faster and has continuous supply of power to the electric motor. So, it is generally faster in the crowded regions where conventional vehicles get stuck changing gears.

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Electric Scooters Cons

  • Limited range: Because of the battery being used as the source of power, the range of the electric scooters are limited. Most of the electric scooters provide ranges from 15-40 miles per charge of usage. So, taking it on to a road trip in wilderness won’t be the wisest of the decisions.
  • Charging: Charging your vehicle is long and tedious process unless you have access to some of the quick charging stations like Tesla has been providing. Well we have advantage of charging the scooter at home, it generally takes 8-10 hours for full charge which is longer than refilling tank with petrol.
  • Silence: Silence in the vehicle can be dangerous sometimes. We can hear vehicle coming from distance and prepare ourselves. But with silent electric vehicle, you don’t have enough time to react if it is coming at greater speed.
  • Limited load carrying capacity: With electric motor acting as an engine, it can only be operated till the capacity of the electric motor doesn’t exceeds the limits.
  • Theft: With such great features, it is easier to get stolen. It has higher demand in the market and are portable enough. These reasons make it top contender for theft.

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Conclusion for Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Hence, these are the pros and cons of electric scooter. The electric version of the scooter is portable, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to the fuelled vehicles like cars and public transportation. They are fun to ride, just twist the key, start up and get going. Ride all day along and charge it up at night with very little electric costs. But that’s not it, you have disadvantages to that as well, you don’t have enough charging stations like Ether and Tesla provide for their vehicles all around the world which makes charging at home slow and tedious.

There are advantage and disadvantages to everything that you have. Some of the advantages are far bigger than the disadvantages, like in the electric vehicle. In the end, it all comes to the personal preference. A good quality of the electric vehicle is a better option to have than spending your hard-earned money and time in getting into the line for the costlier fuel. So, make sure you have checked all the electric scooter pros and cons before you buy one for yourself.

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