BMW M2 Pros and Cons

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BMW M2 is the new series of high-performance vehicles developed by BMW’s motorsport division. It replaced the previous version of the 1 series coupe. Compared to its predecessors the M2 features a more powerful and responsive BMW N55 engine.

It was first unveiled in Need for Speed: No Limits in 2016. Later its successors BMW M2 Competition and BMW M2 CS were introduced with more improvements. They feature a twin-turbocharged engine, an improved braking system, handling, and others. They were market on sale since 2018.

Recently, BMW M2 2021 is on the market. It boasts more powerful engines and more racetracks tuned compared to other regular BMW M2 series.

For those who love cars, we have included some pros and cons for this vehicle. So, let’s get started.

Pros of BMW M2:

1. Excellent Engine:

BMW M2 Competition has an M TwinPower Turbo Technology petrol engine. It can create a power of 410 hp with its doubled-charged six-cylinder engine. This gives the car great performance and power.

2. Good for both racetrack and for daily driver:

It is great for racecourse as it. Its powerful engine, aerodynamics, braking system, and handling give a wonderful vibe to the sports cars. But it is as good for daily use too. It is a 4 seater so it’s great for family trips too.

3. Reasonable Price:

Compared to other sports cars the BMW M2 is more reasonably priced. The M2 series is cheaper than that of Porche and still provides more performance. The variations of the vehicle also give a client choice to choose one of their likings.

4. Great handling:

It provides great handling to the driver. It steers better and for long trips, it is really important. In addition, the suspension and braking system really compliments the car.

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Moving on to the next we will talk about some cons.


1. Interiors are good but not great:

As a supercar, the car needs to look good from inside and outside. And it looks very good. But its interior is just good. For a car of its brand name, it can certainly do better. But it does not mean that the interiors are bad. It is good and probably better than many other cars.

2. Compact size:

It does offer you a back seat. But it is really compact. If your body size is slightly large then a long drive would be difficult.

It is a great car. The new BMW M2 2021 is as upgraded as possible. It really gives a great performance as an all-rounder. For its price tag, it is really a bargain. But for a question to whether to buy or not to buy depends on your needs and choice. If you are a family person then you better buy a car with more space and seats like SUV. Otherwise, if you really need a supercar and planning to buy one, then go to your car dealer and talk.

For BMW you can go for a trial short trip. Get familiar with the car. If it fits your agenda then go for it. The car might really be one for you.

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