Black Friday Pros and Cons

Black Friday Pros and Cons

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Black Friday is an American tradition that has taken over many parts of the world mostly Africa. Black Friday starts its huge sale day on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You can really find good deals of a lifetime, but only after you get through the crowds, the lines and the ruckus. Also, sometimes in a family, it is a yearly tradition to wake up early, suit up and grab a good spot in line outside our favorite stores on Black Friday.

But before doing a shopping haul on Black Friday, it is better to be aware of its pros and cons:

Pros of Black Friday:

  1. The store offers many giveaways
Black Friday Pros and Cons

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There are many giveaways on this day and also there are a variety of ways to win on Black Friday.  The Black Friday has many rewards for store members or store sweepstakes. Also, it offers some prizes for the first 100 people or less standing in the queue outside the stores.

  1. Numerous electronics deals

One of the advantages of Black Friday sales are the best deals for buying electronic appliances. The retailers offer discounts on the latest models of TVs, computers, Apple products, smartphones, and many other appliances. Also, there is a huge discount offer on the goods which have older models.

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  1. A feeling of satisfaction

Buying thing on the list feels great, and when the things are bought at a discounted price when you feel like being in seventh heaven. Many customers wait for Black Friday sales to buy holiday decorations, household products or bulk items for the Christmas party hosting.

Cons of Black Friday:

  1. Wait on a long queue

A downside of the Black Friday sale is that you have to stay in long lines and large crowds. Many people give up on sleep and wake up early to get into early morning lines. One aspect of Black Friday is that shoppers have a good amount of sale the day after Thanksgiving and their profit range is quite high.

  1. Sale items are in less quantity

There are many ads with great deals on the Black Friday sales, but it also has those same goods in limited quantity. The buyers are unaware of the total amount of items are in stock. Or in some store, an item could be 50% off for a particular time.

  1. Promotions may not be such bargains

There may be some ads that may make people drool over it because of its low price but don’t be fooled by it. Over 93% of these ads are same as that of last year and is found that the deals were available throughout the year. There are also some retailers who increase their price just before Black Friday sales making the saving look bigger.

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