being a web developer pros and cons

Being a Web Developer Pros and Cons

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Being a web developer can be a career choice to be considered these days. There is a very high demand of web developers these days as the world is becoming more connected every day. The companies look for interns with enough knowledge and experience. Though there is an increasing demand with a very high competitive salary, this job also has its own pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons of being a web developer are listed below:

Pros of Being a Web Developer

  1. High Demand

In this competitive world, there is a very high demand of web developers throughout the world but there are very less number of qualified web developers. This means that the web developers have to struggle hard and also have a little wiggle room in terms of which ones you shoot for.
being a web developer pros and cons

  1. Work as a Freelance web developer

If you are a freelance developer then, you have the freedom to choose the clients you’ll take, what hours you’ll work, and how much you’ll get paid. And if you are running a home-based freelancing business then you want to take some time off for your family, as long as you don’t have a client waiting on a project but still you don’t have to ask permission.

  1. Not always confined to a standard office.

Even if you are intern as a web designer, the fact is that much of your work is on a computer. So, as long as there is an internet connection, you’re going to be able to work. This means you can work anywhere from a local coffee shop, down at the local library, or even telecommute with the permission of your boss. You don’t necessarily have to stay in a office premises to collect a paycheck.

  1. A competitive salary.

The salary range of web developers is quite high making it possible for some families to keep one parent at home while the other works if they wish. In the United States, the median annual salary for web designers was just above $63,000. And also for single workers, this career can help them establish their credit and live a comfortable life preparing for their future.

  1. Receive instant feedback.

You can know that you have done a good job by the total number of visitor interaction that you see on the site even though you don’t receive complimentary emails or messages about your site.

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Cons of being a web developer

  1. Never really done with your education

With the advancement of technologies every hour, you are never fully educated. You don’t have enough knowledge gained when you pursue a career as a web developer. You need to be updated with the current technologies and stay on top of user experience trends by knowing what value propositions should be included with your designs, and understanding how coding updates could affect your website.

  1. Working for long hours

When working online for a client, then there is a very high chance that you’re working overtime. Internet work tends to have less patience with the creative process than other career fields. So you are expected to work some extra hours, including nights and weekends, when you first get started.

  1. Sitting for long periods of time.

Web developer should work in front of a computer screen sitting idle the whole working hours. This may hamper the health situation and create unique levels of fatigue. Especially in the eyes, back, and neck leading to long-term health issues. Hence, certain precautions like colored eye wear, neck and back stretches, and under-the-desk exercise bikes should be followed.

  1. Handling more than one project

Being a web developer you may have to work on more than one project at a time. You may have days where you’ll be juggling several projects at once. Especially if you want to earn a fair wage while working on your own. Thus, you must stay focused on each project and keep them separate from one another.

Just like any jobs, there are also some pros and cons of being a web developer. With the consideration to the pros and cons of being a web developer, there may be some issues that must be looked at. With the knowledge of web development, you must have basic requirements and equipments such as Internet service, own laptop and the company you are looking for.


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