Becoming a Software Developer Pros and Cons

Becoming a Software Developer Pros and Cons

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A software developer is a person with the responsibility of the software development process, including research, design, programming, and testing of the computer software. Other job titles that we often hear with similar meanings are programmer, software analyst, coder, or software engineer. The duties of the software developer can be split into portions according to the scale of the company and manpower available. Some bigger companies have many people with the job of looking after a single phase, while in some smaller company, a single developer handles the whole process. Becoming a software developer has pros and cons on its own, while it is sometimes through sear passion that a person chooses this profession, while some just went with the flow.

Software Developer Qualifications

The IT field is a place where the skills of the person are looked after first. Though a degree to qualify your potential is important, you can prepare yourself for the job way before you can pursue your degrees. An early start towards your destiny will make sure you achieve the feet faster. Some of the qualifications you will require to become a software developer are:

  • College Degree
    Having a college degree will cement your chances of getting the job as software developers. The degree needs to be in software engineering, computer science or another related field.
  • Computer Programming
    A sound knowledge of computer programming is the first step in continuing with the career. The requirement of the programming language will vary with your taste and needs of the company. Knowledge of 2 or more programming language is often valued more.
  • Logical and Structured Thinking
    If you are destined to become a software engineer, then your thoughts must be logical and structured just like how a software would work. An error in the programming process isn’t always visible but it sometimes occurs due to an inability of imagining the connection between how the different parts work. It is best to start thinking out of the box and take a closer look at the working of each section.
  • Attention to Detail
    Programmers handle the coding section, but if you opt for the developing job, you need to look after the smallest of the details in the task. Your code needs to be well structured and commented properly. It is because your code, when looked by other developers, needs to be understood easily not having to waste the time.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Software Developer

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Software Developer

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The pros and cons of becoming a software developer are listed below.


  • Work from home option: It really doesn’t matter where you work from because after pursuing this career, you will generally end up working for hours until you reach your satisfaction.
  • Specialization option: You have the option to specialize in a certain phase or the software development as a whole. It will give you an extra edge in your specialty.
  • High Employment: IT is the future of the industries out there. While everything is going digital, there is certainly employment options to arise during this phase. As a result, many software developers in every kind are searched by big and small companies.
  • High Demand: The jobs for the Software Developers is expected to increase up to 22 percent by 2022.
  • High Job Satisfaction: According to the many surveys and studies, software developers are reported to having high job satisfaction and being treated really well by their companies.
  • Excellent Wage: According to many statistics organizations, the annual mean wage of the Application Software Developers and System Software Developers are reported to be increasing on significant margin. It is very good future planning option for the enthusiasts out there.
  • Own Startup: You have great opportunity for your own startup after having few years of industrial understanding and working on projects. Your own startup means you can make some more qualified and trained professionals like you in the market.

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  • Difficult Work: Being a software developer is not a 9-5 job, it rather ends up being a part of your lifestyle. It is complicated and complex process.
  • Not for you: If you are someone with not so much of passion and patience, this work is definitely not for you. You will end up leaving the task and be mad at it.
  • Always be Learning: If you are taking up this profession, you need to be open to learning every time. There are alteration and development of newer technology in this field every now and then, you need to be ready to catch up with the pace.\

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There is not so much of cons involved with becoming a software developer, but it can be frustrating sometimes when despite doing everything right, you miss on a single point and everything just collapses like a tower of cards. Have patience and a better understanding of how software work and this job will take care of all your dreams and satisfaction. These were come of the views on the topic becoming a software developer pros and cons, if you have any more additions to them, please let us know.

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