AutoCAD Pros and Cons

For all of those with an engineering background, AutoCAD is a very familiar name. For those who might not know, it is computer-aided software that helps users to create a design or model of any physical structure with great accuracy. It is the most popular software developed by Autodesk and it is the best-selling one also. With the help of AutoCAD, we can say goodbye to the tedious job of manual drawing or drafting boards including the use of pencils, rulers, compass, and so on. It can easily help users quickly draw new structures and make necessary amendments without redrawing the whole part.

With the release of the new version, there is a new program added which includes Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, Map 3D, and many others. After all, the users can control the lighting, text, or dimension styles as they seem fit. Also, there is AutoCAD for iOS too.

Here are some pros of the AutoCAD software:

1. Time efficiency:
The user now does not have to manually draw or design the plan of structure or building. Besides, they do not have to measure the entire dimension by hand and plot it. With this tool, any drawing or design may take days to be made in a matter of hours or even minutes based on complexity.

2. Loads of tools for drawing:
There are many tools at the user’s disposal while drawing or designing. Also, they can be used to mark geometric dimensions or various symbols.

3. Accurate design:
Since we are not drawing manually but drawing digitally on a computer, the drawings are accurate and precise. As there are no minor mistakes in measurement the design is all fairly accurate and mistakes.

4. Produce 3D design and modeling:
The recent version of the software has the features to model a 3D design quite easily. And, with this feature users can design or model many complex structures with minimum effort.

5. Command line is enabled:
With this tool, you can input a simple command line for your ease. The command line can be seen at bottom of your display and display messages or prompts.

6. Allows sharing data from PDF format:
AutoCAD allows users to import from PDF format. Besides PDF, it also supports AutoCAD WS and DWS convert too.

Now here are the Cons of AutoCAD

1. Need a high spec computer to work perfectly:
AutoCAD requires a working environment with high specifications. You must have a device with strong processing power to run swiftly otherwise you may experience some lag while using. If you feel that your specs are insufficient you can try the older versions like AutoCAD 2017 or AutoCAD 2016.

2. Time-consuming to learn all features:
There are many features added to AutoCAD and due to this, it takes a lot of time to train people to be fully capable to use all features. Because of all its functions, it may take a lot of manpower to fully grasp it.

3. Does not support parametric:
Due to AutoCAD being non-parametric editing the 3D model is very time-consuming. For editing, it has to follow too many steps making it tedious

4. Not many File formats are supported:
AutoCAD has a very limited number of supported file formats. So, users can only export or import files in AutoCAD format.

Our final Thoughts:

We believe that if you are related to an engineering field then you might need to have AutoCAD at your arsenal of disposal. However, it is useful to all Civil, Architecture, Chemical, or Structural engineers. So we recommend you create time to learn to use it properly. Besides, it will help to visualize your thoughts digitally and help to realize your thoughts.

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