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Apple Watch: Pros And Cons

All of us have heard about Apple Watch. We feel that it give us a feeling of nobility through our hands. We can now have a smartwatch that supports iOS and it is great. With so many variations of smartwatches in the market, the watch has really been able to distinguish itself from other brands. Many iPhone users might already have bought one or might think of buying one. For those who are planning to buy a new Apple Watch here are some things which you need to know. Here we have compiled some pros and cons of the Apple Watch.

Pros of Apple Watch

1. Manages notification:

Every time you get a notification on your phone inside your pocket it vibrates or makes a sound. It might be too troublesome to check if it is important one just some other things. By connecting on the watch you can directly view a summary of notifications on your watch without checking your phone every time. It saves a lot of your time and effort on that.

2. Health benefits:

Along with the general services Apple watch gives health-related applications like measuring heart rate or ECG along with workout-related apps which help to live a better healthy life. Apple Series 6 have included a Blood oxygen meter that measures the oxygen level in your blood.

3. For communication:

You can use this device to communicate with other people through voice and simple messaging. Newer series allow you to face time directly with your watch. You can even connect with other people when your phone is not with you.

4. The watch comes with various Cellular plans

With the watch, you can get deals like the Verizon Apple watch and more. For example, the Verizon Apple watch plan only starts at $279. Not only that with others you can get similar deals with Verizon Apple Watch deal starting at just $10 per month.

5. Gives basic function as a phone:

It allows you basic work of smartphones such as taking pictures or listening to music on Spotify and so on.

Cons of Apple Watch

1. Much reliability on iPhones:

The watch can only be connected with iPhones which means it only shows notifications or makes calls if it is connected with an iPhone. It can be connected with an Android phone but its function will not be usable.

2. Average battery life:

Despite all those upgrades on new variations, the battery life of the Watch is only average at best. Even the newest version Apple Watch 6 does not have notable battery life. So it needs a good improvement.

3. Lack of customization:

Users cannot customize the view of the display of the time shown in the watch. You can only choose among the various option given.

Our final Thoughts:

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is on market and it is getting good reviews. Despite being pricier than an iPhone people are still interested in a new smartwatch. This proves that Apple Watch is really a good product and its features really show that. Every feature help users to minimize the use of their phone and new health and fitness application really help people to become more conscious toward their health. Still, we believe that it is really a product to be noted and if you really plan to buy a new one we recommend doing so. But if you are worried about price then you can always have the normal watch and use other functions in your smartphones.

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