Antibiotics Pros and Cons

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We all have taken antibiotics at some point in our lives. We generally take Antibiotics as medicines. It helps to cure bacterial infections in our bodies. By using antibiotics in our body it induces an immune response which fights the bacteria. The immune system of the body is then increased creating an environment unsuitable for bacterial growth.

There are various forms of antibiotics in the market. There are pills, spray, liquid or ointment, and creams. For any bacterial infection, suitable types of antibiotics are used. Patients need to take injections for more serious cases of bacterial infection.

After the general information, we should learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the drug. Here are some of them compiled for you.

Pros of Antibiotics:

1. Cures various types of infections:

It can help the human immune system to fight against many types of bacteria and reduce their growth. As a result, it cures the infection caused by such bacteria.

2. Quick response:

Once our body is provided the antibiotics then the drug will act quickly. The response to the drug is as fast as few hours after injection. So, we can use them and get results very fast.

3. Easy to use:

Most antibiotics are given orally in form of pills. Also, there are other kinds depending on the types of infection. For skins or wounds, there are various types of creams and sprays which work just like it.

4. Affordable to all:

The main benefit of antibiotics is the price and availability. They are available at a very affordable price in almost any medical clinic. However, Antibiotics’ price may vary from the type you are using.

5. Surgical use:

Surgeons use antibiotics after surgery to prevent any infections in the place of surgery. This helps patients recover faster and prevent further complications.

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1. Not suitable using continuously:

If you take antibiotics for an extended period, then your body gradually develops resistance to the drug. The resistance developed, will then cause the drug to become ineffective.
For the prolonged duration of use, there is the possibility of kidney problems too.

2. Patients may have side effects:

Some patients may develop side effects after the use of the drug. Also, the side effect may range from fever to digestive problems. Some might show severe allergic reactions to drugs too.
So one must be sure of what type of drug are they using.

With all those pros and cons discussed, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If that was not the case then the use of antibiotics would not have spread around the globe. It helps us to fight diseases and stop them from turning into something serious. So, medical practitioners do recommend using it.

One thing that users might need to understand about antibiotics is that it is used for bacterial infection, not viral infections. So, it will not work in the illness or diseases that are concerned with viruses like flu, common cold, and others.

The use of antibiotics should always be on the prescription of doctors. Besides, it will help the patients to recover faster and not have any side effects. So always listen to your doctors.

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